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Welcome To Witness Directory. The Expert Witness Directory that links expert witnesses with Lawyers within Local and Global Adversarial Systems. Over 42000 Subscribers to the regular newswire. 25 Years of Success.

We Add New Categories on Request | 3 New Categories added 5/25/2022  | Contact: info@witnessdirectory.comJoin our new Twitter feed | Expert Witnesses Join Here

Lawyers: If you don't see an expert under a category in the index please type the category in to the top search box.

Experts: Witness Directory prides itself on offering more benefits for less money. Your page is designed to be like your own expert website. For environmental reasons does not produce a paper directory.

========================================================, has built a loyal following among local and international lawyers. Lawyers may search FREE. without paying 'high' broker fees.

With changing technology, Witness Directory have endeavoured to stay ahead of the competition. Members of are listed on the site and also listed on the free and only expert APP, where their CV's and contact details are updated in real time.

Offering a no nonsense membership for expert witnesses, charges a low annual fee and does not take (any future fees) or large slices of experts' future earnings. New directories come and go but is around for the long term.

Experts may add their website and email links. An SEO system allows experts to edit their meta title, choosing how searchers find their page in search engines. Members may attach  PDFs, Word Docs, Youtube videos, and a host of images, to showcase their expert witness credentials. Members get simple URLs that are easy to note down.

This expert witness directory has over 2660 categories in each US, UK, Australian and Rest of The World Indexes.

"Witness Directory has definitely played a role in my success as an expert witness, for which I am very grateful. I am currently juggling a dozen active cases, and I’m scheduled to testify at two depositions in June and at trials for six others in the fall." Bruce Silverman

'I have found to be a reliable and most trustworthy source of expert witnesses on the web. The personal help I received in locating an expert was first class' Employment law barrister, Charles Price, LLB LLM

'Lawyers are happy because they can be linked to vetted expert witnesses without a charge and experts are happy because they keep 100% of their fees.'



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