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Welcome To Witness Directory.   2 New Categories  Added  12th December 2017.

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Lawyers: To find an expert witness please click on a country and then either 'Medical' or Non-Medical' and search categories for the type of expert witness you are looking for. It is free to search and you may contact an expert with out a fee.


Witness Directory has over 2300 categories and lists the most knowledgeable expert witnesses.

The expert witness directory has no mark ups, commission fees or middlemen. Viewers are free to contact experts directly. Over 41000 subscribers receive a regular newswire.

It has been linking experts with lawyers for 20 years.

"Witness Directory has been a very good tool for me as an expert witness for several years and I would highly recommend them to anyone in this line of business.? It reaches more real potential clients for me than any of the other sites I use." Roland Brown NATIONAL TRUCKING SAFETY CONSULTANTS, LLC.

'I have found to be a reliable and the most trustworthy source of expert witnesses on the web. The personal help I received in locating an expert was first class' Employment law barrister, Charles Price, LLB LLM


The expert witness directory member pages are designed to be the best way to showcase an expert's skills. Multiple Word Docs and PDF Docs can be added and thousands of words can also be added directly to pages allowing WItness Directory to display more information about experts than any other  expert witness directory.

Expert witnesses from US, UK, Australia, Ire and Canada can be found on the pages of the expert witness directory. Please click on FAQS at the top of the page for membership benefits.


*Witness Directory does not claim to have access to millions of expert witnesses as there are not millions of trained expert witnesses.

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