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Economic Damages
Commercial Litigation Support
Forensic Accounting
Bankruptcy/Distressed Businesses
Valuation Analysis
Accounting Analysis
Fraud Audits
Money Laundering
Economic Loss Calculation

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Danny F. Dukes, CPA, CFE: Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner
Collectively over 190 years of firm experience


Our forensic accountant and consulting firm is here to help you and your business. Whether it is providing forensic accounting services, litigation support services or expert testimony for attorneys and clients, or financial services to financial institutions, businesses and/or individuals, we are here to serve our clients first. We work proactively to avoid future pitfalls or we come in and clear up any issues that might be getting in the way of your goals and/or objectives. We assist in implementation as a partner, not an outsider. We stand out among the forensic accounting firms and financial institution consulting firms because of this approach. Collectively, we have over 190 years of experience in many accounting disciplines.

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Accountants/Certified   ,   Accounting   ,   Accouting Family Law   ,   Accounting Forensic   ,   Accounting Reconstruction of Records   ,   Banking   ,   Banking and Financial Litigation   ,   Banking Technology   ,   Bank Fraud/ Investigation   ,   Bank Operatons/Management   ,   Bank Security (all phases)   ,   Business Apraisals   ,   Business Continuity Plans and Training   ,   Business Damages   ,   Business Disputes   ,   Business Transactions   ,   Business Valuation   ,   Cash Management   ,   Check Fraud   ,   Check Processing/Check 21/Kiting   ,   CPA   ,   Damage Calculations   ,   Damage Computations   ,   Divorce   ,   Economics   ,   Econmic Analysis   ,   Economic Damages   ,   Economic Loss Analysis   ,   Embezzlement   ,   Escrow   ,   Ethics   ,   Expert Examiners   ,   False Claims   ,   Family Law   ,   Financial statements & Profitability   ,   Forgery   ,   Fraud/Investigation   ,   Investigative Auditing   ,   Investment Management   ,   Litigation Damages   ,   Litigation Support   ,   Lost Earnings   ,   Lost Profits/Calculations   ,   Mergers   ,   Money Laundering   ,   Mortgage Lending   ,   Risk Management Consulting and Expert Witness   ,   Safe Deposit   ,   Securities Fraud   ,   Securities/Litigation   ,   Valuations   ,   Accountants   ,   Accountants Forensic   ,   Banking - Private   ,   Business   ,   Commercial Fraud   ,   Financial Services   ,   Fraud   ,   Fraud - Commercial   ,   Investment   ,   Loss of Earnings   ,   Lost Profits   ,   Matrimonial Disputes   ,   Valuation   ,   Divorce Calculations   ,   Risk Assessment & Management   ,   Investment Banking   ,   False Accounting   ,   Bank Training   ,   Bank Robbery   ,   Securitization   ,   Bankruptcy   ,   Internal Controls

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