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Neuropathy & Pain Center of America, 8084 W. Sahara Avenue Suite B
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89117


Keywords and area of expertise: low back pain, neck pain, personal injury, facet syndrome, discogenic disease, radiculopathy, RSD, CRPS, electromedicine, referred pain, neuropathic pain, lumbar decompression, pain management/medicine


Dr. Odell Jr., MD, PhD, Inc. is a Stanford and UCLA trained practicing anesthesiologist and pain management physician, board certified in anesthesiology (DABA) and pain medicine (American Board of Pain Medicine) and board certified in interventional pain medicine.


His expertise is in pain management (12 years experience, most aspects of interventional pain management and anesthesiology (32 years experience, excepting cardiac and pediatric) and he has reviewed cases and testified in both areas.


Anesthesiology   ,   Back & Neck Injuries & Disorders   ,   Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections   ,   Diving Accidents(cervical spine)   ,   Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections   ,   Malingering   ,   Malpractice   ,   Medical Expert Witnesses   ,   Medical Malpractice   ,   Medical Record Review   ,   Medical Records Review   ,   Musculoskeletal Medicine   ,   Neck Pain   ,   Nerve Injury/Trauma   ,   Pain   ,   Pain Pill Addiction   ,   Physician - Pain Management   ,   Post-Anesthesia   ,   Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy   ,   Review of Records   ,   Sacro-Iliac Joint Injections   ,   Selective Nerve Root Blocks   ,   Slips/Falls   ,   Transforaminal Steroid Injections   ,   Whiplash Injuries   ,   Cervical Degenerative Disease   ,   Complex Regional Pain Syndrome   ,   General Anaesthesia   ,   Medico Legal   ,   Medico-Legal Reports   ,   Medical Negligence   ,   Musculo Skeletal Injury   ,   Neck   ,   Nerve Damage   ,   Neuropathic Pain   ,   Pain Management   ,   Pain Relief   ,   Personal Injury   ,   Sedatives/Hypnotics   ,   Shoulder   ,   Slips, trips and falls   ,   Soft Tissue   ,   Spinal Cord Stimulation   ,   Spinal & Epidural Anaesthesia   ,   Whiplash   ,   Nerve Injury   ,   Personal Injury Assessment   ,   Pain - Postoperative   ,   Polyneuropathy   ,   Professional Negligence   ,   Pain - Chronic   ,   Sedation/ Propofol-Diprivan

Expert Witness Robert Odell, Jr., MD, PhDExpert Witness Robert Odell, Jr., MD, PhD
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