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Consultation, Opinions, Expert Testimony on Police Procedures, Use of Force, Correctional Operations, Jail Operations, Law Enforcement, Jail and Corrections Training, Deliberate Indifference, Graham Factors, and Curriculum Development.


Retained by private law firms, prosecutors, law enforcement agencies, and the Department of Justice as an Expert in Police Procedures, Wrongful Death, Deliberate Indifference, Police Procedures/Practices, Use of Force, Jail & Correctional Operations, Jail & Corrections Training, Police Training & Curriculum Development, and Use of Restraints. I retired after 30+ Years in Law Enforcement. As a Division Commander, I was responsible for over 1,000 people. I hold Master Instructor Certifications in a vast array of topics. CV & Resume' only available upon request!

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I have been responsible for the complete development of State Training Manuals. Upon my retirement, I was training over 10,000 people per year, and was totally responsible for all training curriculums in the state. I've been retained by the Department of Justice and the United States Attorney as an expert in Use of Force, Deliberate Indifference, Police Procedures, Jail & Correctional Procedures, and Law Enforcement, Jail, and Corrections Training. I've written hundreds and hundreds of opinions over the topics mentioned here, and most cases are settled once my opinion is reviewed by all parties. I've testified in front of Federal Grand Juries and during conventional trials. I've testified for officers and agencies, and (unfortunately) against them.

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Law Enforcement   ,   Police Management/Supervision   ,   Police Practice/Procedure   ,   Police Policy   ,   Use of Force   ,   Police Complaints   ,   Injuries During Arrest   ,   Police Use Of Force   ,   Police Misconduct   ,   Police - Use Of Deadly Force   ,   Jail & Corrections Training   ,   Police Training

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