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Illegal downloads * Forensic imaging & analysis of computers / computer forensics * Forensic imaging & analysis of mobile phones * Windows and Mac systems * Expert Witness service * Expert reports in plain English Special areas: * Fraud * Computer misuse * gmail, hotmail, skype, msn message recovery * Digital document alteration * Intellectual property theft * Employment issues ** Steganography * IT Project and IP Dispute Resolution

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Miss Jan Collie: BSc(Hons) (2004); MSc (2007); CEng (2008); FBCS CITP (2012); CCE (2007); MEWI (2008); MIEEE (2003); MIET (2004); Cardiff University/Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate (2008); Certified Steganography Investigator (2007); CSTA (2004); Cardiff University/Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate (Civil) (2008); Cardiff University/Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate (Criminal) (2011)
Dr Robert Worden: MA (1968); PhD (1971)

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Legal Aid
Giving Evidence in Court
Single Joint Expert

Number of reports instructed to provide within the past 3 years: 60

Number of times given evidence as an expert witness in court* within the past 3 years: 13

Number of new instructions from solicitors per year: 24
* Court includes all Civil and Criminal Courts as well as Tribunals, Coroners/Inquests, Inquiries, Arbitrations and Civil Courts outside the UK. It does NOT include appearances at House of Commons Select Committee Inquiries
Professional Memberships

Member Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
British Computer Society
Society of Authors
Fellow Institute of Professional Investigators
Society of Expert Witnesses
Member Expert Witness Institute
Member Fraud Advisory Panel
Member High Technology Crime Investigation Association
Institute of Engineering and Technology
Member Information Systems Security Association
International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners
Association of British Investigatiors
Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers
Association for Computer Machinery

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Computers   ,   Computer Appraisals/ Litigation   ,   Computer/Software Failure   ,   Engineer   ,   Intellectual Property/Damages   ,   Technology   ,   Telecommunications   ,   Computer Evidence   ,   Computer Investigations/Forensics   ,   Computer Network Forensics   ,   Computing   ,   Computer Crime   ,   Computer Applications

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