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Welcome To Witness Directory. 2 New Categories Added 13th of April 2018

Witness Directory has been offering a free source of local and global expert witnesses for over 21 years. There are no middle men so lawyers save money on fees.


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Witness Directory has over 2390 categories and lists the most knowledgeable expert witnesses. February received record visitors: 301960. Categories are added on request.

The expert witness directory has no mark ups, commission fees or middlemen. Viewers are free to contact experts directly. Over 41000 subscribers receive a regular newswire.

Witness Directory has been linking experts with lawyers for over 21 years.

"Witness Directory has been a very good tool for me as an expert witness for several years and I would highly recommend them to anyone in this line of business.? It reaches more real potential clients for me than any of the other sites I use." Roland Brown NATIONAL TRUCKING SAFETY CONSULTANTS, LLC.

'I have found to be a reliable and the most trustworthy source of expert witnesses on the web. The personal help I received in locating an expert was first class' Employment law barrister, Charles Price, LLB LLM

'Lawyers are happy because they can use vetted expert witnesses with out a charge and experts are happy because they keep 100% of their fees'



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