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9570 Cuyamaca Street, Suite 101
Santee, CA, 92071


I have served as an expert in a variety of venues: personal injury, medical malpractice, criminal and administrative law trails. Board certified as a chiropractic neurologist. California state Division of Workers Compensation Qualified Medical Evaluator.


Wayne M. Whalen, D.C., FIACN, FICC. 29 years in practice; served as President of the California Chiropractic Association, Chair of the Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters (now Emeritus chair); serve as expert reviewer for the Board of Chiropractic Examiners.



Chiropractic Neurology   ,   Medical Malpractice   ,   Medical Record Review   ,   Medical Records Tampering   ,   Medical Records Review   ,   Sexual Abuse/Child Physical   ,   Sexual Harassment   ,   Workers Compensation   ,   Chiropody   ,   Chiropractic Negligence.   ,   Expert Witness Services   ,   Personal Injury   ,   Personal Injury Assessment   ,   Sexual Crimes   ,   Sex Abuse Allegations

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