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Logo"If it bent or broke causing loss, injury or death, I can help explain the failure." ™

Steve Roensch is a mechanical engineering consultant with 41 years of professional experience. He has analyzed hundreds of product designs and has served as an expert witness in 73 cases, testifying 21 times at deposition, court or arbitration.

Mr. Roensch can be of assistance when a product fails in a physical manner, such as bending or fracturing, and the failure results in loss, injury or death. He will analyze the product design and the manufacture of the subject part, and determine what caused the failure. Typically, the product's stress distribution is compared to overload or fatigue failure criteria. Often, industry standards or a comparison to similar designs will help pinpoint the problem.

Mr. Roensch specializes in analyzing the physical stresses that arise in a product under various loading conditions, and in determining if the design is sufficient to survive such loads. He investigates product failures and accidents from a fundamental engineering perspective, often applying finite element analysis. He documents his efforts thoroughly from the start, for concise presentation to the legal team, other experts and the jury.

Complex engineering principles are explained using everyday concepts that everyone can understand. Color stress plots and animations are used whenever possible to convey complicated engineering results in an easy to understand visual format. C.V., case studies and white paper are available at

Areas of experience include:
Failure Analysis
Stress Analysis
Finite Element Analysis
Fatigue Analysis
Vibration Analysis
Aircraft Engine Pistons
Aircraft Engine Cylinders
Aircraft Engine Crankshafts
Airliner Components
Military Truck Components
Military Trailer Components
Military Missile Loaders
Marine Outboard Crankshafts
Marine Outboard Cowlings & Castings
Marine Inboard Manifolds
Space Station Components
Wind Turbines
Oil Field Equipment
Industrial Robots
Robot Gantries
Hydraulic Motors
Electric Motors
High-Speed Motor Winding Equipment
Fuel Plant Piping
Boiler Components
Generator Enclosures
Automotive Radiators
Automotive Mirror Housings
Automotive Battery Housings
Automotive Steering Components
Automotive Drive Components
Automotive Seating
Crash & Rescue Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles
Commercial Trucks
Truck Racks
Motorcycle Components
Agricultural Vehicles
Earth Moving Equipment
Rock Crusher Components
Transmission Housings
Transmission Gears
Chain Links
Man Lifts
Medical Diagnostic Equipment
Medical Beds and Lifts
Athletic Braces
Computer Disk Drive Components
HVAC Manifolds
Pneumatic Cartridges
Food Processing Equipment
High-Precision Machining Equipment
Concrete Vibrators
Plumbing Products
Commercial Windows
Distiller Housings
Plastic Gears

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ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Master of Science in Engineering Mechanics
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Specialized in elasticity and stress analysis

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, Engineering and Physics with Honors
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Graduated with Distinction, Trewartha Honors Undergraduate Research Fund Grant, Radtke Scholarship - University of Wisconsin Physics Department's Outstanding Senior, James F. Lincoln Foundation Engineering Award

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Mr. Roensch has provided litigation consulting in the energy, construction, industrial, medical, transportation, marine, commercial, utility and residential industries. He has served as an expert witness, given deposition testimony, testified in court and arbitration hearings, and supplied legal team technical support.


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Aerospace   ,   Engineer   ,   Engineering Mechanical/ Petrolium   ,   Failure Analysis   ,   Finite Element Analysis   ,   Material Failure Investigations/Analysis   ,   Stress Analysis   ,   Engineering Mechanical   ,   Engineering - Industrial/Oil/Gas

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