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As president of Smith Economics Group, economic legal consultants for plaintiff and defense attorneys nationwide, he provides testimony and litigation support services in evaluating damages.

Dr. Smith has developed state-of-the-art econometric analysis models to analyze economic and financial issues, including damages analysis for:

Commercial damages of all types, Lost earnings capacity, Life care plan and other medical costs evaluations, Household services, including housekeeping, guidance, and accompaniment, Society & Relationship, Loss of enjoyment of life - hedonic damages (an economic model illustrating the statistical value of life in death cases, as well as the reduction of the value to lead a normal life in wrongful injury cases), Personal consumption and fringe benefits, Product liability, Pension fund evaluation and withdrawal liabiliy, Structured settlement analysis, Identity theft and other types of credit damages.

His work has been cited extensively in The Wall Street Journal, The ABA Journal, The National Law Journal, Trial, and elsewhere.

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Stan V. Smith, Ph.D., President (Smith Economics Group, Ltd.)
University of Chicago-trained Economist and Financial Consultant


He and his staff of economists have developed state-of-the-art econometric analysis for: personal injury losses including lost wages, as well as antitrust, patent valuation, business losses, business valuation, pension losses, security losses, commercial damages, employment discrimination, identity theft and FCRA credit damages.


Business/Analysis   ,   Business Damages   ,   Business Valuation   ,   Disaster Management   ,   Emergency Planning   ,   Homeland Security   ,   OSHA Safety/Compliance   ,   Business

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