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Accomplishments include more than 325 safety-related technical reports, papers, conference presentations, and training programs. He resides near Washington, D.C.,and works as a safety researcher, consultant, trainer, and expert witness. As an expert witness, Dr. Ron Knipling has supported 14 plaintiff lawsuits as well as one patent infringement defense case.

Services have included reviewing case materials, writing expert opinions, preparing deposition questions, and in-person testimony. Cases have primarily involved driver fatigue, asleep-at-the-wheel, distraction (e.g., cell phone use), and other driver errors. Victims have included truck drivers, car drivers, other car occupants, and surviving families.

Fleet management writings have focused on fatigue and distraction management, but have also covered a full spectrum of relevant safety management practices. Recently, two legal clients have described his opinions as "wonderful" and "awesome."

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Dr. Ronald R. Knipling, Ph.D. is the author of the first and only comprehensive textbook on large truck safety, Safety for the Long Haul; Large Truck Crash Risk, Causation, & Prevention. In recognition of the book, he received the International Road Transport Union (IRU) Order of Merit award, the first given to an American scientist.


Dr Ronald R. Knipling, Ph.D. has more than 35 years experience in traffic safety R&D with emphasis on driver human factors and motor carrier safety. Dr. Knipling has held senior government, university, and consulting positions.


Driver Hiring, Training, Supervision   ,   Trucking Fleet Safety   ,   Vehicle Investigator   ,   Vehicle Crash Investigation   ,   Crash Risk & Causation   ,   Driver Human Factors   ,   Sleep At The Wheel   ,   Commercial Driver Hours   ,   Fleet Safety Management   ,   Driver Training   ,   Driver Monitoring & Evaluation

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