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Mr. Horsak supports attorneys for both Plaintiff and Defense. His clients include industrial and commercial companies, attorneys, land owners and realtors, toxicologists and medical doctors, and other consultants.He has expertise in the areas of toxicology, air dispersion modeling, medicine, and
specialized science.

Environmental Projects Including:

Groundwater and Surface Water
Water Treatment and Purification
Contaminated Dust
Sites and Facilities

Abandoned Sites
Hazardous Waste Management Facilities
Refineries and Chemical Plants
Fossil and Nuclear Power Plants
Geothermal Energy Plants

Manufacturing and Commercial Facilities
Power Transmission Lines
Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
Public and Private Properties

Air Pollution
Ambient Air Quality Testing
Soil and Sediment

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Randy D. Horsak, PE is a scientist and registered Professional Engineer with more than 40 years of experience in all phases of Environmental Science and Engineering. President of 3TM Consulting, LLC, Mr. Horsak provides consulting in the areas of environmental engineering, geology and hydrogeology, ecology, land use, human and ecological risk assessment, and remediation and decontamination.

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He has managed and directed environmental projects in a variety of areas, including: air pollution, ambient air quality testing, noise, soil and sediment, groundwater, surface water, water treatment and purification,
contaminated dust, and ecosystems. His experience includes a wide range of sites and facilities,
including: abandoned sites, hazardous waste management facilities, refineries, chemical plants, fossil
and nuclear power plants, geothermal energy plants, manufacturing and commercial facilities,
pipelines, power transmission lines, oil and gas exploration and production, and public and private
properties. He has authored almost 50 professional publications and lectures, and has testified as an
expert witness on multiple occasions.

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Engineer   ,   Engineering/Environmental   ,   Gas   ,   Gas Plants   ,   Hazardous Waste   ,   Hazardous Waste Engineering   ,   Hydrogeology   ,   Toxicology   ,   Environment   ,   Geologists   ,   Ecological Risk Assessment

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