06/14/2018 - U.S: A northern Idaho county paid out more than $600, 000 for expert witnesses at one murder trial

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho (AP) Expert witnesses will cost a northern Idaho county over $600,000 for work in the trial of the man convicted of killing a Coeur d'Alene police officer.

Kootenai County officials said there are more invoices that have not yet been tallied from the trial of Jonathan D. Renfro, so the cost could rise by thousands of dollars, Coeur d'Alene Press reported .

A judge imposed the death penalty on 29-year-old Renfro after he was found guilty of first-degree murder earlier this month for killing police Sgt. Greg Moore two years ago.

"(Renfro) killed without provocation for simply the motivation of not wanting to go back to prison," Deputy Kootenai County Prosecutor David Robins said to the court. "Greg is dead because he is a police officer trying to defend the community."

Moore was killed while on a routine patrol where he encountered Renfro. Prosecutors previously said the convicted felon was high on methamphetamine and ambushed Moore. He then took Moore's firearm and fled.

Public defenders spent nearly $311,000 to pay seven experts to research and testify while prosecutors spent nearly $270,000 for three experts, according to court documents.

The county paid for the defense's expert witnesses, but it will be reimbursed by the Capital Crimes Defense Fund in this case. The self-insured fund covers member counties in cases involving the death penalty.