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Welcome to our comprehensive suite of forensic services, where precision meets expertise. Our commitment revolves around cutting-edge identification and processing techniques, encompassing advanced chemical and physical methodologies. We specialize in the recovery, preservation, documentation, comparison, and identification of full or partial finger, palm, and foot impressions. In addition to our meticulous work in this domain, our services extend to the technical and administrative review of fellow fingerprint examiners' identifications or exclusions. We take pride in preparing and presenting evidence for judicial proceedings, with a proven track record of serving as expert witnesses in courts of law.

Fingerprint and Palm Print Examination:
Our team of experts is dedicated to the examination and analysis of fingerprints and palm prints. Utilizing advanced techniques, we ensure precise identification and comparison of prints, contributing valuable evidence to investigations and legal proceedings.

Handwriting Analysis:
In conjunction with our fingerprint services, we offer comprehensive handwriting analysis. Our experienced analysts employ scientific methodologies to examine and compare handwriting samples, aiding in the identification of individuals and providing valuable insights into document authenticity.

Document Examination:
Our forensic document examination services involve the scrutiny of various documents, including signatures, handwriting, and printed materials. We employ cutting-edge technology and analytical methods to assess the authenticity and integrity of documents, offering crucial support to legal investigations.

Chemical and Physical Evidence Processing for Latent Prints:
We specialize in the recovery of latent prints through advanced chemical and physical evidence processing. Our experts employ state-of-the-art techniques to enhance and recover latent fingerprints from a variety of surfaces, providing critical evidence for investigations.

Crime Scene Reconstruction:
Adding to our repertoire of services, our team specializes in crime scene reconstruction. By meticulously analyzing physical evidence, witness statements, and forensic data, we reconstruct the sequence of events leading to a crime. Our experts use state-of-the-art technology and forensic expertise to provide a comprehensive understanding of the crime scene, assisting investigators and legal professionals in building a robust case.

Forensic Photography:
Complementing our identification services, our forensic photography division operates at the pinnacle of technical prowess. Our team comprises well-trained and experienced photographers adept at employing correct lighting techniques, utilizing precise photographic equipment and lenses, and ensuring accurate composition with markers and scales. We leverage a range of digital image enhancement tools to produce professional photographs that stand as reliable evidence in court hearings, proceedings, or trials.

Crime Scene and Evidence Photography:
With over two centuries of combined professional education and experience in the field of forensic science, our team specializes in the art of capturing the most detailed, accurate, and objective photographs of crime scenes, accident scenes, and physical evidence. Trust us to bring an unmatched level of precision and dedication to every aspect of forensic identification, evidence recovery, reconstruction, and photography, ensuring the integrity of your investigations and legal proceedings.

Recognizing the urgency inherent in our field, we dedicate ourselves to meeting and expediting all client needs. Depending on the complexity and priority of each case, we strive to complete our work in a matter of days or weeks, ensuring a swift and thorough resolution. Rest assured, our team is committed to providing unparalleled expertise and precision in every facet of forensic examination and analysis.

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Nikoui and Associates stand as a paragon of expertise and qualifications in the field of forensic science. With a collective experience exceeding two centuries, our team demonstrates an unparalleled understanding of the intricacies inherent in forensic identification and photography. The commitment to cutting-edge techniques is evident in our wide range of specialized services, encompassing fingerprint and palm impression analysis, document examination, forensic photography, and DNA extraction and analysis. Our dedication to precision, accuracy, and objectivity in capturing crime scenes and physical evidence positions us as a reliable and thorough forensic service provider. Notably, our affiliation with law enforcement agencies through AFIS processing with the FBI Next Generation Identification system underscores our involvement in critical facets of forensic investigations. Moreover, our mission to provide guidance and consulting services in the biometrics industry reflects our commitment to advancing the field and sharing our wealth of expertise. In summary, Nikoui and Associates represent a beacon of qualifications and seasoned knowledge, offering comprehensive and trustworthy forensic identification services.

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Mr. Nikoui has over 38 years of full time experience in Criminal Justice Information System as Forensic Science and practitioner professional with Law Enforcement Agencies. His career spans increasing responsibility in both the Independent Identification Process and Management of the Law Enforcement Forensic Identification Services Unit, Training and Supervision of the Forensic Identification Specialists and Crime Scene Investigators.

Mr. Nikoui is a court qualified expert and certified forensic identification specialist with over 80 training certifications in numerous fields of forensic science and the management of the forensic evidence. In particular he is:

A Certified Latent Print Examiner; Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst and Certified Forensic Photographer by the International Association for Identification; and Qualified and testified as an expert witness approximately 150 times, in California Superior and U.S. Federal Courts.

He has been directly involved in processing physical evidence in at least 30,000 criminal cases in the San Francisco Bay Area, resulting in identification of thousands of individuals. He also has served many local and state law enforcement agencies as an independent Forensic Identification Services Consultant. In addition, he has worked on hundreds of photographic projects, both for private and public entities.

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