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(Visitors by appointment only) 18695 Pony Express Drive #490
Parker, CO (Metro Denver), 80134


Mr. Broyles represents 19 years experience as a forensic examiner of recorded evidence and expert witness. Court Qualified.

Areas of Expertise:
-Recorded Evidence/Media Forensics
-Audio, Video, Voice, Image, Photographs.
-Enhancement, Authentication, Restoration, Forensic Analysis, Analog and Digital
-Litigation Support
-Expert Report Review
-Technical Forensic Research
-Recording Equipment Analysis, Testing, Restoration
-Digital file/media recovery and conversion from obsolete/vintage computers in post-conviction/cold cases, both analog and digital.

-CV available on request.

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CV available on request.


19 Years as a forensic examiner of recorded evidence/media forensics and expert witness.
Court Qualified.

-Audio, video, voice recordings, analog & digital, enhancement & authentication
-Image, photographs, aerial photography, enhancement & authentication
-Surveillance recordings.
-Expert report review.
-Litigation support
-Cold Case, Post Conviction Case Support
-Vintage/obsolete computer media recovery conversion

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