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Entomology, Pest Control, Habitability, Bed Bug, Cockroach, Vectored Disease, Pesticides, Wrongful Death, Product Liability, Misapplication of Pesticides, Real Estate Disclosure, Termites & Damage, Spider Bite, Lyme Disease, Hantavirus, Bees & other Stinging Arthropods, Rodents and Damage, Birds, Mites, Flies, Healthcare Facilities, Hotels, Short Term Rental (AirBnB), Educational facilities, Restaurants & Food Services, Beetle Damage

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Applied Urban Forensic, Board Certified, Entomologist. 40 years in pest control industry as Staff Entomologist, Technical Director, Qualifying Operator, Manager, Vice President, President or Owner of pest control companies in NY, NJ, AZ, CA and Mexico. Managed pest control services in additional states: CT, NM, TX, NV. Co-Authored AZ pest control certification manual and served 5 years as the Governor Appointed Entomologist Advisor to the Arizona Office of Pest Management. Lecture for national, regional and state associations, and government agencies. Published articles in trade print publications. Additional qualifications include being an active AZ Real Estate Broker with 15 years licensed in real estate.

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Expert Witness since 2004, designated in over 130 cases. Current case breakdown is 60% defense, 40% plaintiff. Not geographically bound, I have worked cases from coast to coast, border to border and the state of Hawaii. Plaintiff case with largest jury award was in excess of $200 Million. Defense cases often dismissed upon summary judgement. My work includes consultation, evidence review, analysis, exhibit preparation, deposition, trial testimony, declarations, field inspections and cooperation with other experts.

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Construction Claims   ,   Damage Calculations   ,   Damage Claims   ,   Due Diligence   ,   Expert Witness/Services   ,   Forensic Investigations   ,   Homes   ,   Hotel and Real Estate   ,   Assisted Living   ,   Expert Witness   ,   Investigation/Analysis   ,   Lyme Disease   ,   Expert Testimony   ,   Expert Testimony   ,   Expert Witness Services   ,   Forensics   ,   Entomology   ,   Hospitals   ,   Bite Mark Analysis   ,   Pesticide Toxicology   ,   Inspection Analysis   ,   Animal Behaviour   ,   Class Actions   ,   Bed Bugs   ,   Cockcroaches   ,   Pesticides   ,   Termites & Damage   ,   Spider Bite   ,   Birds   ,   Mites   ,   Real Estate Disclosure   ,   Beetle Damage   ,   Short Term Rental (AirBnB)   ,   Rodents and Damage   ,   Pest Control   ,   Habitability

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