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My industry experience is primarily in diesel engines used in all types of equipment such as: trucks, buses, construction, industrial, generator sets, marine, military, mining, rail and others. I can provide expert witness testimony regarding product liability, patent infringement, development contracts and exhaust emission related incidents.


I have been in the industry under General Motors (Detroit Diesel Allison Division) as General Director of Engineering responsible for diesel engines and automatic transmissions, and Penske Corporation (Detroit Diesel Corporation) as Executive Vice President of Engineering. I have a BSME from Kettering Univ. and a MSME from MIT. I am a Fellow in both SAE and ASME. I have served on six National Academy of Science Committees.

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Retired Executive Vice President Engineering Detroit Diesel Corp.(DDC) Consultant for DDC as Compliance Auditor for Consent Decree with EPA/CARB and as expert witness in product liability cases and asbestos cases. Technical Advisory Boards of General Electric Co. Aohates Power Inc. and Power Solutions International. Consultant to General Motors, Clean Diesel Technologies, Converter Technology, and others. Chairman of Merrion Expert Consulting. I spent 45 years with DDC as a Division of GM, then as a Penske Corp. company and as part of DaimlerChrysler. I am a SAE Fellow and member of ASME.

I am an expert in diesel engines and have published several SAE papers on the subject of diesel engine design and diesel engine emissions. I have participated in product liability lawsuits regarding diesel engines as well as lawsuits regarding diesel engine development contracts. I have participated in lawsuits regarding use of asbestos in diesel engines for various applications (trucks, buses marine gen sets, industrial etc, accessories to diesel engines and attachments to diesel engines. I am expert in diesel engine exhaust after treatment systems including oxidation catalyst, diesel particulate filters, NOx traps, NOx calalyst, SCR catalyst, fuel borne catalyst, fuel reformers etc. I have been involved in alternate fueled engines ie: methanol, ethanol, LNG, CNG, biodiesel and have been involved with hybrid electric diesel engines and systems.

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Asbestos in Engines   ,   Diesel   ,   Engines   ,   Engines/Alternate Fuels   ,   Engines/Hybrid Diesel   ,   Exhaust Emmisions   ,   Patents   ,   Patent Infringements   ,   Patent Litigation   ,   Product Design   ,   Product Liability   ,   Trucking accidents and investigation   ,   Marine   ,   Patents/Infringements   ,   Trucks/Trailors   ,   Patent Validity/Invalidity   ,   Diesel Engine Exhaust

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