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I am a senior automotive and transportation system executive with deep knowledge of vehicle safety, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), digital mapping, sensors, and vehicle communication. I consult on Telematics and Connected Vehicles with a particular emphasis on the collection, processing and use of vehicle probe data for mapping, safety systems and risk assessment, as well as deployment planning for V2X applications. I have extensive experience with various sensor and data fusion technologies (vision, radar, LIDAR) and with mapping technology (Nokia/HERE, TomTom, and OSM) supporting vehicle navigation and safety applications. I have worked with suppliers of ADAS technology such as TRW, Mobileye, Continental and Bosch, and on the integration of these technologies into highly automated vehicles and driverless cars. I have worked with several insurance companies on the impact of vehicle automation on insurance, and development of connected vehicle and Usage Based Insurance programs.

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* Six years of consulting experience, including 20+ patent related cases, 12+ IPR submissions and three depositions.
* CEO of VEHICLE DATA SCIENCE Corporation. Developed vehicle based mapping technology to support automated vehicles. (3 years)
* Dir. of Global Advanced Driver Assistance System Products and Programs for TOMTOM Corporation. Responsible for developing new map content for automated vehicles and ensuring map integrity. (2 yrs.)
* Dir. of Research for TELEATLAS Corporation. Developed new mapping techniques utilizing vehicle data and multiple vehicle sensors. (2 yrs.)
* VP of Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategy and Programs for MercedesBenz Research and Technology. Developed various telematics based safety technologies and connected vehicle concepts both within the company and for government and industry programs. I also worked on remote diagnostics and remote updates for cars and trucks. (12 yrs.)
* Project manager for TRW. Developed Automated Collision Notification systems and traffic management systems. (10 yrs.)

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