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Expert Witness Services for pilots career earnings loss due to injury, delay, or death. Experienced in written reports, deposition, and trial testimony. Admitted as an expert in state and federal courts throughout the US and Canada.

Pilot career counseling for accidents, incidents, training failures, termination, driving record, bankruptcy, drug and alcohol incidents, lack of currency, re-qualification, and medical problems.

Pilot Resume services. Displaced pilot outplacement services to airlines and unions for Regional, National, and Major airlines.

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BS - Aeronautical Studies, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University,
NOV 74 - AUG 77 Embry-Riddle AU, FL: Concentration Flight Technology. Dean's List

ATP: S&MEL Airplane (B-717/27/37/57/67/DC-8/9)
CFI: Aircraft / Instrument / Multi-engine (15 years)


30 years experience in litigation support for professional pilot hiring and career earnings for airline-Major, National, Regional, Cargo and passenger airlines, corporate and fractional pilots, military and civilian pilots, pilot screening, selection, hiring, and initial plus recurrent training, pilot pay and benefits. Pilot career value including pay, benefits, and retirement.

Union and airline support for contract negotiations and seniority list integration.

Consulting for pilot supply and demand forecasting. Pilot minimum and average qualifications. Pilot salary and benefits. Flight school justifications.

ATP: S&MEL Airpln (B-717/27/37/57/67/DC-8/9) Instrument Examiner: F/W & R/W aircraft
CFI: Aircraft / Instrument (15 years) Standardization IP: 5 F/W aircraft
FE: Turbojet (B-727/DC-8) Unit Training and Operations Officer
Part 121: CPT/FO/SO (DC-8/9;B-727/37/57/67) Maintenance Test Pilot
Parts 121, 135, 141, 91 & 63 experience Ground & Simulator Instructor

Heavy Jet (2 & 4 engines) 5,544 Instructor Pilot 2,775 Actual Instruments 2,058
Pilot-in-Command 15,210 Sim. Instructor (B-727) 1,234 Simulated Instruments 455
Multiengine 17,123 Flt. Engineer (B-727/DC-8) 3,070 Night 3,335

FEB 14 - Present Delta Global Services Instructor Pilot B-717, Part 121/AQP GRD & SIM
NOV 07 - MAY 14 Boeing Tng & Flt Ser Instructor Pilot B-717/B-737-300/800. Part 121/AQP GRD & SIM
JAN 85 - 5/07(Retired) United Airlines Captain: B-737/757/767. FO/SO B-727/737. Part 121 scheduled
PIC B-767/757 3,637 Chicago, IL domestic/int'l pax operations throughout North / South America &
PIC B-737 4,272, Europe. ETOPS, RSVM, & INS long range navigation operations.
DC-8 350

JUL 85 - DEC 85 Republic Airlines First Officer: DC-9. Part 121 scheduled domestic/international
Detroit, MI passenger operations throughout North America.

APR 81 - NOV 84 Capitol Air Captain & FO: DC-8. 121 domestic/international passenger and
Jamaica, NY charter operations throughout North America and Europe.

AUG 78 - SEP 80 Braniff Int'l First Officer/FE: B-727/DC-8. Part 121 domestic/international
DFW Airport, TX passenger operations throughout North / South America.

1969 to 1993 Captain US Army. Standardization Instructor Pilot and Instrument Examiner -
Retired 8 years. Commanded the Aircraft Qualification & IP Course for all F/W
aircraft. Army-wide Flight Standards Division - 2 years. Established training
programs, wrote flight training manuals and trained IP's in all Army fixed-wing
aircraft. Georgia Army Nat'l Guard OV-1 SIP/Flight Examiner – total of 23 years.

NOV 74 - AUG 77 Embry-Riddle AU, FL: Concentration on Flight Technology. Dean's List student.

JUL 09 B-717 Instructor/Captain Upgrade Training: Boeing, Seattle, WA
MAY 00 B-757/767 Captain Upgrade Training: United Airlines, Denver, CO JUN 93 B-737 Captain Upgrade Training: United Airlines, Denver, CO
JAN 90 B-727 First Officer Upgrade Training: United Airlines, Denver, CO
JUL 85 DC-9 First Officer Initial Training: Republic Airlines, Atlanta, GA
JAN 85 B-727 Second Officer Initial Training: United Airlines, Denver, CO
JUN 84 DC-8 Captain Upgrade Training: Capitol Air, Smyrna, TN/Dallas, TX
MAY 81 DC-8 First Officer Initial Training: Capitol Air, Smyrna, TN
APR 79 DC-8 First Officer Upgrade Training: Braniff International, Dallas, TX
AUG 78 - OCT 78 B-727/DC-8 Second Officer Initial Training: Braniff International, Dallas, TX
DEC 76 - JAN 77 Fixed-wing & Rotary-wing Instrument Flight Examiner's Courses (US Army)
APR 74 - JAN 77 Instructor Pilot Course: OV-1, U-21, U-8, T-42, and T-41 (US Army)
FEB 69 - MAR 91 Over water/Land Survival, Altitude Chamber, Ejection Seat Training (US Army)
FEB 69 - JUL 71 Infantry Officer Candidate School, Advanced Infantry, and Basic Training (US Army)

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