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Award winning toxicologist and scientist. 10+ years’ experience as a toxicologist employed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Served as EPA’s senior toxicologist in the waste management division working on risk and soil cleanup. Expertise in toxicology, risk assessment, mathematical modeling, statistics, neuroscience, and environmental/ecological health issues. Extensive national and international public speaking experience. 15+ years teaching experience. Well published, including author of textbook on toxicology and environmental risk assessment. Experienced expert witness on issues including DUI, dram shop, effects and testing of alcohol, marijuana and pharmaceuticals, environmental risk, intellectual property, and poisonings. 10+ years consulting experience. Special interest and expertise in arsenic and dioxin-like chemicals

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2018 Expert Consultation and Deposition about interpretation of postmortem drug levels in blood
Provided verbal opinions to attorneys; gave deposition testimony to opposing counsel.

2017 Expert Testimony on Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) in Blood
Gave testimony (examination and cross-examination) in Bartow County, GA family court to provide context to PEth blood levels as a marker of chronic alcohol consumption.

2017 Expert Consultation about alcohol as a factor in a motor vehicle death in a dram shop matter
Provided consultation and wrote an expert report using antemortem and postmortem alcohol estimations and the ability of servers to recognize impairment/intoxication.

2017 Expert Testimony about the effects and disposition of marijuana in a Workman’s Comp case
Examination and cross-examination about the significance of measurements of THC and its metabolite THCCOOH as a causal factor in a traffic accident.

2017 Expert Testimony in a DUI case
Provided testimony about the validity of a reading from the Alcometer V-XL and alcohol pharmacokinetics.

2016 Expert Consultation on Chemicals found in Floor Coverings and Possible Links to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Examined material safety data sheets, deposition transcripts and the scientific literature to determine the whether a manufactured floor covering could account for effects in humans. Testimony expected in early 2017.

2016 Expert Consultation on Effects of Anti-Depressant and Opiate Drugs in Humans
Provided a written opinion regarding the combined effects of a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, a benzodiazepine and an opiate on an individual’s mental state. Exposure to these drugs likely occurred from a intentional poisoning attempt.

2016 Opinion on the Interpretation of Positive Urine Tests for Marijuana following Weight Loss
Wrote an opinion regarding the increases observed in the levels of THC-COOH (metabolite of THC from marijuana) in urine that are due to release of THC from fat. The THC was likely used several weeks or months prior to testing.

2015-16 Expert Report on the Toxicity of Dioxin-like Chemicals
Provided a report and deposition on differences in toxicity of the various dioxin-like chemicals.

2015 Consultation with a Water Utility regarding the Health Effects of Radium in Drinking Water
Worked with a health physicist to develop a joint opinion about the health effects of radium and potential treatment technologies to enable the utility in an acquisition.

2015 Deposition to State and Federal Environmental Regulators and Private Sector Attorneys about the Effects of Selenium on Human Health
Provided deposition regarding the toxicity of selenium discharged into streams near Appalachian coal mines.

2015 Expert Report on the Likelihood of Fungal Eye Infection after Contact with Fertilizer
Investigated exposure of plaintiff to airborne fertilizer particles during spreading operations. The fertilizer particles entered the eye and fungal infection of the cornea ensued. Wrote a report that resulted in immediate settlement in favor of the plaintiff.

2008-14 Expert Consultation and Deposition on Regulatory Decisions at a Superfund Site
Provided an expert report to attorneys about how the presence of dioxin-like chemicals and PCBs affected the regulatory activities/decisions at a Superfund site in New England. In 2014, provided a deposition to a Dept. of Justice attorney in Washington, DC. Expected testimony in 2015 was cancelled three days prior.

2008-10 Expert Testimony regarding the Effects of Inorganic Mercury
Provided an expert report to attorneys in a child custody matter regarding the long term neurological and psychological effects of inorganic mercury. Provided expert testimony on this matter in family court in Fulton County, GA regarding the toxicity of inorganic mercury.

2006 Assessment of Possible Drug/Alcohol Impairment in for Workman’s Compensation
Examined quick urine drug screen results showing alcohol and marijuana use and developed an assessment of possible impairment.

2006 Consulting Expert regarding Indoor Dampness and Mold
Served as a consulting expert regarding adverse effects of exposure to indoor dampness, associated mold and bacteria and the disinfectant chemicals used in the cleanup.

2003 Expert Testimony in EPA vs. Norman C. Mayes
As an EPA toxicologist, provided testimony to Administrative Law Judge Barbara Gunning regarding the health effects of benzene and other fuel components and environmental sampling around underground storage tanks.

2001-2 Expert Testimony regarding Calibration of the Intoxilyzer 5000
Developed testimony regarding the calibration procedures of the Intoxilyzer 5000, the "breathalyzer" used in Georgia for DUI testing. Charges in DUI cases were dropped prior to his testimony in the three cases in which Dr. Simon was involved.

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