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Fire Investigation: Commercial, industrial and domestic buildings, Motor vehicles, including trucks and heavy equipment. Small and large marine vessels.Bushfires in grassland, native vegetation, commercial plantations. Origin and cause determination Identifying evidence of arson. Analyzing fire debris samples for accelerants. Fire cause simulation, both theoretical and physical. Assessing human behaviour in fire. Comparisons with statutory requirements. Fire modelling in relation to: Ignition mechanisms, Fire development and spread, The response of thermal and smoke alarms, Fire suppression.

Explosion Investigation:
Mechanical failures of storage cylinders boilers and pressure vessels
Deflagrating explosions involving gas, dust and vapours
Detonating explosions:
Origin and cause determination
Assessing ignition mechanisms
Identifying equipment and process faults
Assessing potential hazards

Material Failure Analysis:
Metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous
Machinery and mechanical structures
Polymers, including fibre glass and other reinforced plastics
Timber and timber products
Glass (both sheet and container)
Paints and other coatings
Determining the proximate cause of failure
Metallurgical and chemical analysis
Identifying corrosion mechanisms
Macroscopic and microscopic defect identification
Failure analysis of welds
Failure of pipes, hoses and associated fittings

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1976 B.App.Sc. (Secondary Metallurgy)
1977 Grad. Dip. (Metallurgy and Materials)
1981 Member of the Institution of Metallurgists
1981 Chartered Engineer
1985 Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers
2008 M.Arts (Fire Investigation)

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Mr Cox has over 30 years experience as a forensic consultant to the insurance industry and legal profession. He has completed over 3,000 investigations throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asian Region and appeared as an expert witness in Criminal, Coronial and Civil Courts on over 100 occasions. Mr Cox’s main area of expertise is the investigation of fires, explosions and materials failures and his specific areas of interest are summarised below. He has his own laboratory equipment for the analysis of fire debris, microscopy and metallurgical examination, with direct access to more specialist methods and analytical equipment as required.1978-1981 Scientific Officer; Australian Mineral Development Laboratories

1981-1990 Director/Consultant; Forensic Services Australia Pty Ltd
1990-1992 Divisional Manager; SGS Australia Pty Ltd
1992-2012 Consultant; Forensic Consulting Services
1992-Present Director/Consultant; Simon Cox & Associates Pty Ltd

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Explosives/Investigation   ,   Fires   ,   Fire Investigation   ,   Material Failure Investigations/Analysis   ,   Metallurgical Investigations

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