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The services of Turner are, but not limited to:

Litigation support
Trial preparation consulting
Deposition and Courtroom Testimony
Pre-deposition support
CMV crash investigation, analysis and re-creation
CMV post crash FMCSA truck & motorcoach inspections
Cargo-tank truck crashes, spills and explosions
Cargo-tank loading/offloading incidents (Loading Rack)
Driver Hours-of-Service; fatigue driving
Distracted driving
Driver Qualification Files
Highway construction zone crashes
CMV loading and off-loading investigation
Loading rack incidents
Industrial trucks/lift trucks
FMCSA/PHMSA Driver and Management Training

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Institute of Police Technology & Management, Commercial Vehicle Crash Investigation; New Jersey State Police/USDOT Commercial Vehicle Inspection,; Level I FMCSA; New Jersey State Police/USDOT Hazardous Materials Inspections, PHMSA; New Jersey State Police Weights and Measures; Commercial Motor Vehicle; New Jersey State Police, Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Technician; New Jersey State Police, Cargo Tank Truck Specialist; North American Transportation Management Institute; Safety Supervisor Training; North American Transportation Management Institute; Director of Safety Training; University of Findlay, Advanced Emergency Response * Tank Truck; University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, Hazardous Waste Site Investigation Certification; University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, Hazardous Waste; Site Investigation Supervisor Certification; AAR/Bureau of Explosives, Rail Tank Car Specialist; New Jersey State Police, Confined Space Operations Trainer; Rutgers University, Traffic Control Coordinator Certified; Smith System Multi-Company Driver Trainer Instructor Certified

Level 1 FMCSA Post-Crash Inspections; Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Crash Inspections and Investigations; Cargo-Tank Truck Post Crash/Incident Investigation; CMV Load Securement Failure; CMV Loading/Offloading Incidents; CMV Loading Dock Incidents; CMV Construction Zone Crashes; Passenger Motorcoach Post Crash Investigation; Loading Rack Incidents

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In addition to Turner's approximate 25 years experience responding to and/or investigating CMV crashes, Turner spent several years behind the wheel as an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer driver. In this capacity he was a driver of low-boys (flat beds), dry-van trailers and cargo-tanks. During Turner's experience as a CMV operator, he became extensively experienced as to both driving, loading and off-loading of van trailers, low-boys (flat beds) and cargo tanks with an approximate mileage of plus 250,000.

Turner served as a Specialist Instructor with the New Jersey State Police for 11-years teaching on the subject matter in which today he testifies on as an Expert. In addition, Turner has given numerous lectures and training around the United States for various enforcement agencies and industry groups, such as: New York Fire Department; NYC Emergency Services Unit; California RHMRO; National Tank Truck Association; American Towmen's Association; USCG Marine Fire Fighting Task Force; Vessel Operators HM Association; Transportation Lawyers Association; and, American Law Firm Association in addition to many others.

Turner�s in-depth understanding of the FMCSA Regulations, industry standards of care, detailed and comprehensive report writing and equally well delivered testimony that has the ability to �teach� a jury can be a focal point of any civil litigation or arbitration, where CMV crashes and/or loading/offloading incidents, with or without hazardous material involvement are at issue.

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