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Employment Tribunals, Personal Injury, Testamentary Capacity, Fitness to Plead, Adult Psychiatry, Medico-Legal Reports, Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder, ADHD-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Mental Capacity

Victims of accident, assault, rape and sexual abuse
Clinical psychiatry

Clinical negligence
Anxiety and depression
Occupational stress
Head injury
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Medical negligence, competence and malpractice

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BA, MPhil, MD, FRCP, FRCPsych.


Professor Steven Hirsch is a Consultant in adult psychiatry, with broad clinical responsibilities. He was Professor and Head of Department of Psychiatry at Charing Cross & Westminster Medical School and is now Professor Emeritus at Imperial College Faculty of Medicine.

He is widely published on social, biological, clinical and service research - and is the author of over 300 abstracts, chapters and refereed publications and several books. Professor Hirsch originated and organized the Bi-enniel Winter Workshop on Schizophrenia Research, the principal meeting in Europe on Schizophrenia research now (

His clinical expertise covers all aspects of adult psychiatry, such as anxiety and depressive syndromes, reactions to personal and work related stress, diagnosis and treatment of patients at risk of psychosis, bi-polar and related disorders, schizophrenia and difficult to diagnose mental states, patients with memory problems and related disorders, and the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety based disorders.

As an Expert Witness, he has had extensive experience in providing opinions to the GMC, Medical Defence Societies and in civil, criminal, employment, personal injury and family cases. He is Past Chairman of the Association of Clinical Professors of Psychiatry, the Association of University Professors of Psychiatry, the Psychiatric Section of the Royal Society of Medicine and the Psycho-Pharmacology sub-committee of the Royal College of Psychiatry.

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Adolescent Psychiatry   ,   Head Injury/Trauma   ,   PTSD   ,   Personal Accident Compensation Claims   ,   Alcohol Abuse   ,   Bereavment Psychiatry   ,   Head Injury   ,   Medico-Legal Reports   ,   Mental Illness   ,   Personal Injury   ,   Personal Injury/Fatal Accidents   ,   Post Traumatic Stress   ,   Psychiatric Aspects of Addition   ,   Psychiatric Aspects of Alcohol   ,   Psychiatric Aspects of Anxiety   ,   Psychiatric Aspects of Assualt/Capacity To Consent   ,   Psychiatric Aspects of Crime/Criminal Responsibility   ,   Psychiatric Defences   ,   Psychiatric Aspects of Disability   ,   Psychiatric Aspects of Drink Driving/Drug Abuse   ,   Psychiatric Aspects of Employment   ,   Psychiatric Aspects of Fitness To Plead   ,   Psychiatric Aspects of Homicide   ,   Psychiatric Aspects of Immigration   ,   Psychiatric Aspects of Imprisonment   ,   Psychiatric Aspects of Unfair Dismissal   ,   Psychiatry   ,   Psychiatry Adult and Old Age   ,   Psychiatry Rehabilitation   ,   Psychiatry/Sex Crimes   ,   Psychosis   ,   Trauma Victims   ,   Personal Injury Assessment   ,   Psychiatrist - Consultant   ,   Psychiatrist - Consultant   ,   Employment Tribunals   ,   Fitness To Plead   ,   Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder   ,   Psychiatric Care - Hospitals

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