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Expert Witness for- Workplace Electrical Safety, NFPA 70E, OSHA General Industry-Electrical, National Electrical Code, Electrical Overcurrent Protection, Arc Flash, Arc Flash Requirements, Electrocution, Electrical Maintenance, Electrical Fuses & Applications, Fuse Forensics, Investigation of Electrical Shock & Surge


Peter Walsh joined General Electric Company in 1969 as a Field Engineer. Since then he has seen many electrical incidents in a variety of roles and companies. He began his forensic career with GE supplying analyses to their legal team. His original Professional Engineering status was with NJ in 1975.
He forensically investigated incidents in the proximity of electrical equipment, such as fuses, and provided application assistance for a total of 20 years with the largest fuse companies. Applied electrical products in accordance with National Electrical Code, OSHA regulations, IEEE Standards, and good practices. Trained classes of electrical maintenance people on NFPA 70E, OSHA regulations, IEEE Standards, Surge Protection and good electrical safety practices in commercial and industrial settings.
Peter has provided technical leadership to electrical industry codes and standards organizations. He helped revise NFPA 2008 National Electrical Code as technical committee member of Panel 4. He helped with later editions by proposing additional amendments. He served on other NFPA technical committees such as 110 and 111 and also participated in meetings with NFPA 70E committees. NFPA recognizes him as Electrical Safety Compliance Professional.
Within IEEE, he has served this Standards Organization so long as to obtain Lifetime Membership. Presently he is a technical committee member for IEEE 1584, ´┐ŻIEEE Guide for Performing Arc Flash Calculations´┐Ż, and IEEE 1814, ´┐ŻIEEE Recommended Practice for Electrical System Design Techniques to Help Improve Electrical Safety´┐Ż.
OSHA recognizes him as an ´┐ŻAuthorized Trainer´┐Ż for General Industry. He focuses on training electrical maintenance people.
He has written numerous articles about arc flash, arc flash calculations, surge arrestors, and general electrical industry equipment.

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Graduate Courses in Human Resources ´┐Ż Framingham State College, 1993-1994
MBA - Suffolk University, Boston, MA, 1981
BS Electrical Engineering - WPI, Worcester, MA, 1969

Licenses and Certifications
´┐Ż Licensed Professional Engineer, 1977 to Present, State of Massachusetts, No. 28728
´┐Ż Licensed Professional Engineer, 1975-1990, State of New Jersey, No.22289
´┐Ż Licensed Professional Engineer, 1985-1988, State of New Hampshire, No. 6173
´┐Ż NFPA Certified ´┐ŻElectrical Safety Compliance Professional´┐Ż by written exam on NFPA 70E and related experience. Effective 2015-Present
´┐Ż OSHA ´┐ŻAuthorized Trainer´┐Ż for General Industry Training (Granted by OSHA Training Institute Education Center, a cooperative program of the US Department of Labor OSHA and Keene State College) Program consisted of formal courses, written tests, and oral examinations. Effective 2009-Present

Teaticket Technical Associates LLC, Teaticket, MA August 2016 to present
President and Engineer
Analyzes electrical incidents using the perspectives of human safety practices, proper equipment application and equipment performance. Teaches electrical safety for the workplace and assists companies in efforts to comply with OSHA and accepted best electrical safety practices. Participates in developing electrical standards for safety.

Mersen (Formerly known as Ferraz Shawmut), Newburyport, MA June 2005 to August 2016
Solutions Engineer, Engineering Services Manager, Electrical Codes and Standards Specialist
Collaborated with customer engineers and their management to apply electrical products in accordance with electrical safety codes, standards, and best practices of safety. Trained customers how to avoid the electrical hazards of shock, arc blast, and arc flash. Investigated incidents in proximity of Mersen products such fuses and switches. Provided forensic analysis to customers.

Venture Development Corporation, Natick, MA September 2004 to June 2005
Senior Analyst ´┐Ż Power Conversion
Researched technical product trends for power conversion devices. Provided technical marketing reports to Fortune 500 companies and venture capitalists.ÔÇâ
Peter Walsh, PE, Concord, MA June 2000 to September 2004
Engineer, Sole Proprietor
Provided consulting with fuses, lightning protection, metering, and other electrical projects on part time and full time basis.

WESCO Distribution, Westwood, MA December 1998 to June 2000
Boston Area Electrical Engineer
Provided internal and external electrical engineering support regarding safe application of equipment.

Gould-Shawmut (Later known as Ferraz Shawmut), Newburyport, MA July 1997 to December 1998
VP of Technical Product Management
Provided electrical engineering to analyze customer incidents and resolve product management issues. The products were electrical fuses, switches, and related electrical components. Analyzed their proper application in power distribution equipment.

Bussmann Division of Cooper Industries, Concord, MA April 1991 to July 1997
District Sales Engineer
Presented technical seminars and provided application assistance to the sales force and customers. This included the National Electrical Code requirements for electrical installations.

Peter Walsh, PE, Sudbury, MA April 1989 to April 1991
Engineer, Sole Proprietor
Provided consulting regarding fuses, lightning protection, metering, and other electrical projects on part time and full time basis.

Exergen Corporation, Natick, MA March 1987 to April 1989
Application Manager for Electrical Products
Developed new applications of infrared measurement instruments for the electrical industry.

Engineering Directions Inc. and Engineering Associates, Burlington, MA April 1981 to March 1987
Associate Director
Provided engineering to electrical equipment manufacturers and their customers.

Bussmann Division of McGraw-Edison, Plymouth, MA January 1976 to April 1981
New England Sales Engineer
Provided correct application assistance for electrical and electronic components. Investigated incidents and provided forensic analysis.

General Electric Company, Millburn, NJ June 1969 to December 1975
Electrical Project Engineer
Developed power system coordination recommendations for industrial electrical systems and supported legal team with forensic analyses.
Recent Selected Articles and Conference Presentations
´┐Ż ´┐ŻMV Controllable Fuses Installed to Reduce Arc flash on Transformer Secondary´┐Ż, IEEE Paper No. ESW2016-03, Lead Author. Presented to the IEEE Electrical Safety Workshop, Jacksonville, FL, March 2016. This paper is also scheduled to be published in IEEE Transactions Magazine in their 2016-2017 cycle.
´┐Ż ´┐ŻIncreasing Branch Circuit Reliability for Computer Rooms´┐Ż, Published for Mersen customers, November 2015
´┐Ż Wrote over 300 short articles ranging from new electrical products to electrical safety published by www.ElectricSmarts.com from 2002 to 2015
´┐Ż ´┐ŻMajor Changes to NFPA 70E Standard 2015 Edition´┐Ż, Published for Mersen customers, January 2015
´┐Ż ´┐Ż2014 National Electrical Code Changes in Overcurrent and Surge Protection´┐Ż, Published for Mersen customers, January 2014
´┐Ż ´┐ŻDC Arc Flash Calculations ´┐Ż Arc-in-Open-Air & Arc-in-a-Box ´┐Ż Using a Simplified Approach (Multiplication Factor Method)´┐Ż, IEEE Paper No. ESW2012-25, Peter Walsh, PE Co-Author, Presented to the IEEE Electrical Safety Workshop, Daytona Beach, FL, February 2014
´┐Ż ´┐ŻArc Flash, Be Gone!´┐Ż, Published by Rockwell Automation Encompass, February 2012
´┐Ż ´┐ŻIntroduction to Specifying Surge Protection´┐Ż, Published for Mersen customers, November 2011
´┐Ż ´┐ŻCalculating Arc Flash Hazard Levels´┐Ż, Cover story in PurePower Magazine, Winter 2008

Recent Professional Development
´┐Ż IEEE CEU-IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Management, March 2016 IAS Electrical Safety Workshop Conference
´┐Ż IEEE CEU-IEEE IAS Technical Sessions, 18 Hours, 2015 IAS PCIC Industry Conference
´┐Ż IEEE CEU-IEEE IAS Technical Sessions 1-4, 28 Hours, 2015 IAS Pulp &Paper Industry Conference
´┐Ż IEEE CEU- ´┐ŻOSHA 1910.269 & 1926 Subpart Revisions´┐Ż, 2015 IAS Pulp &Paper Industry Conference
´┐Ż IEEE CEU-IEEE IAS ´┐ŻMethods of Calculating DC Arc Flash Hazards´┐Ż, January 2015 IAS Electrical Safety Workshop Conference
´┐Ż IEEE CEU-25 Professional Development Hours, February 2014 IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop
´┐Ż IEEE CEU-´┐ŻNFPA 70E 2015 Edition Changes´┐Ż, February 2014
´┐Ż IEEE CEU-´┐ŻHow to Perform an Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis´┐Ż, February 2014
´┐Ż OSHA TIEC, New England-#503 ´┐ŻUpdate for General Industry Trainers´┐Ż, April 2013
´┐Ż UL University-´┐ŻIndustrial Control Panel UL 508A & Short-circuit Current Ratings´┐Ż, September 2011
´┐Ż OSHA TIEC, New England-#3095 ´┐ŻElectrical Standards´┐Ż, July 2009
´┐Ż OSHA TIEC, New England-#501 ´┐ŻTrainer Course for General Industry´┐Ż, June 2009
´┐Ż OSHA TIEC, New England-#511 ´┐ŻOccupational Safety for General Industry´┐Ż, January 2009
Professional Affiliations
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) ´┐Ż Elevated to Life Member 2013
´┐Ż Technical Committee Member to ´┐ŻIEEE Guide for Performing Arc Flash Calculations´┐Ż, IEEE 1584
´┐Ż Technical Committee Member to ´┐ŻGuide for Motor Control Centers to Help Reduce Electrical Hazards´┐Ż, IEEE 1683
´┐Ż Technical Committee Member to ´┐ŻIEEE Recommended Practice for Electrical System Design Techniques to Improve Electrical Safety´┐Ż, IEEE P1814
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
´┐Ż Participated with proposed changes in the 2017 ´┐ŻNational Electrical Code´┐Ż (NFPA70-2017 240.67)
´┐Ż Participated with proposed changes in the 2015 ´┐ŻStandard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace´┐Ż, (NFPA70E-2015 110(I)(2))
´┐Ż Member of Technical Committee on NFPA 110 ´┐ŻStandard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems´┐Ż from 2009 to 2016
´┐Ż Member of Technical Committee on NFPA 111 ´┐ŻStandard for Stored Electrical Energy Emergency and Standby Power Systems´┐Ż from 2009 to 2016
´┐Ż Safely assisted the NFPA in videotaping arc flash explosions at the Mersen Newburyport test laboratory for inclusion with safety videos for the electrical industry, October 2006
´┐Ż Member of National Electrical Code Making Panel 4 for the 2008 cycle
International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) Associate
National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)
National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)
´┐Ż Technical Delegate to NEMA 08SG (Medium Voltage Switchgear Section) from 2008 to 2016

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