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Over the last 49 years he has been involved in several large hurricanes and recently has handled more than 20 hurricane Katrina issues as a consultant including the difference between wind and flood damage and issues regarding agencies and companies supplying the requested coverage.

Insurance Agents Duties and Standard of Care
Insurance/Bad Faith
Insurance Brokers Standards of Care
Insurance Claims Expert
Insurance Claims Disputes Analysis
Insurance Claims Analysis/Handling
Insurance - Property

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CPCU, Massachusetts and Florida, Property Casualty Insurance Agent, Licensed Public Adjuster, Qualified as an expert in State and Federal Court more than 100 times on all areas of Casualty Claims, Instructor at Insurance Library of Boston


With more than 49 years of experience working for several major insurance carriers as a Senior Vice President of Claims, Operations and as a licensed insurance agent and public insurance adjuster, I am uniquely qualified to assist either Plaintiff or Defense on insurance related issues.


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