03/27/2019 - US Expert WItness News: One Witness Defends El Chapo In Narco Trial

Last week, defense attorney Jeffrey Lichtman delivered a closing argument tinged with sardonic humor.
At times he drew laughter from the usually stern jawed jury. His closing lasted four hours.
Lichtman questioned the credibility of a procession of cooperating witnesses who he said
"lied every day of their lives -- their miserable, selfish lives."
He reintroduced a defense theory that the real boss of the Sinaloa cartel is
Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, a longtime associate of Guzman now in his 70s.
The theory goes that Zambada -- who's also named in the superseding indictment against Guzmán
bribed the Mexican government to frame El Chapo and remain free to run the cartel.
Federal prosecutor Amanda Liskamm, in her rebuttal, reminded the jury that Guzman, not Zambada, was on trial.
"We don't have to prove that the defendant was the ultimate leader," she said.
"We don't even have to prove that he was one of the top leaders. ... Even under
(the theory of Zambada as true kingpin) the defendant is still a boss. He's still guilty."

Still Life In El Chapo's Defence?

In a filing with the federal court in Brooklyn, New York, the lawyers said a new trial was needed
after an article in Vice News said several jurors ignored the trial judge's ban against following
media coverage of the case during the 11-week trial.

“We look forward to vindicating his rights in a new trial," Eduardo Balarezo, a lawyer for Guzman, said in a statement.

Guzman, was convicted on Feb. 12 on all 10 counts he faced, after jurors heard evidence from
more than 50 prosecution witnesses, offering an unprecedented look at the inner workings of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Prosecutors said Guzman trafficked tons of cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine into the
United States over two decades, amassing power in Mexico through murders and wars with rival cartels.
He faces life in prison at a scheduled June 25 sentencing.