11/10/2014 - The New Witness Directory Logo Explained

The new WitnessDirectory.com logo was created by internationally acclaimed illustrator Graham Smith. Known as The logo smith he has created great logos for companies such as Gap.

The symbolisation of the logo is of course a hand on the good book as in taking an oath or a hand on a reference book. The book is slightly curved into the shape of a D for Directory.

Graham Smith said about the project, "A very challenging project, but immensely pleased with the result, as is the client, which always helps.

Finding that apparently simple solution proved painstaking, but when I look at the icon now, it looks so easy. Just create the Good Book/and or reference Directory out of the shape of a D, and place the left hand (giving oath etc) on it. Ta daaaa

Fonts used for Witness Directory: Kefa II Pro Bold and tag-line: Zona Pro Italic, both purchased from Myfonts".

More of his designs can be seen at http://imjustcreative.com/portfolio/witness-directory
Members may also download three variants of the logo to add to their website when they log in