07/18/2018 - Controversy as an Islamist expert witness says he doesn't care for any law of man

A radical Islamist preacher who has said he "does not believe in democracy" and is "not obedient" to secular law is working as an expert witness to British courts according to The Daily Mail newspaper.

Dr Imran Waheed, 41, a psychiatrist working for the NHS and Bupa in Birmingham, offers his services as an expert witness in a range of civil and criminal cases assessing defendants' psychological reliability.

For many years he was a key figure in the UK branch of Hizb ut-Tahrir, which campaigns for an Islamic state run by Sharia law. In an interview he said: "I've got no respect for any law other than Allah's... I don't care for the law of any man.’

The disclosure has sparked controversy that the justice system is vulnerable to Islamist entryists who wish to 'take control from within'.

In November he appeared in the organisation's official internet broadcast extolling the virtues of a caliphate.

According to his website, Dr Waheed gives British courts psychiatric assessments of a defendant's 'dangerousness', fitness to hold a firearm licence and fitness to stand trial.

He also treats mentally ill patients and lectures university medical students on subjects including 'cultural and ethnic aspects of mood disorders'.

In a BBC interview he said: 'I've got no respect for any law other than Allah's, so I don’t care about the law to be honest... I care for the law of Islam. I don't care for the law of any man."

Polemicists argue in that case how can he hold such an important role in the UK legal system when his organisation wants to install an Islamic State?