07/03/2018 - Contention regarding which drug Bill Cosby alledgedly used on his accuser

PA: a mystery that has caused contention among viewers of his trial, namely what drug did he give his accuser on the night she says he molested her?

Cosby has insisted he handed one and a half tablets of the over-the-counter cold and allergy medicine Benadryl to Andrea Constand to help her relax before their sexual encounter at his home outside Philadelphia more than twelve years ago. Constand testified he gave her three small blue tablets that left her paralyzed and unable to resist as he molested her.

Two drug expert witnesses, for the prosecution and one for the defense testified at the TV star's retrial. Paralysis is unknown to be a side effect of Benadry. However among other side effects it's active ingredient can cause drowsiness and muscle weakness, .

Cosby's expert witness, Harry Milman, said he doesn't know of any small blue pill that could have produced the symptoms that Constand described.

The "Cosby Show" star has previously acknowledged under oath he gave quaaludes — a powerful sedative and 1970s party drug that's been banned in the U.S. for more than 35 years — to women he wanted to have sex with. He denied having them by the time he met Constand in the early 2000s.

A forensic toxicologist, Dr. Timothy Rohrig, called by prosecutors, testified that quaaludes can make people sleepy. But he and Milman said the drug came in large white pills, not small and blue pills.

Prosecutors rested their case after Rohrig left the witness stand. The defense immediately asked Judge Steven O'Neill to acquit Cosby and send jurors home, arguing prosecutors hadn't proved aggravated indecent assault charges. O'Neill refused.

The defense also contended there's no evidence to prove the alleged assault happened within the 12-year statute of limitations. Prosecutors countered that Const and and Cosby have both said the encounter was in 2004. Cosby was arrested in late 2015, just before the deadline to charge him.

Thursday's testimony focused on the drug taken by Constand, who has testified she thought they were an herbal supplement meant to relieve her stress.

Constand said Cosby called the pills 'your friends' and told her they would 'help take the edge off.'