02/11/2015 - Texas, US: Expert Witness, Dr David Diamond Testified In "Forgotten Baby Syndrome" Trial

Texas: Expert Witness, Dr David Diamond Testified In "Forgotten Baby Syndrome" In The Trial Of A Mother Accused Of Leaving Her Five Month Old In A Hot Car.

Wakesha Ives is facing criminal negligent homicide and injury to child charges after she left her baby in the car while she was working at Riverside High School two years ago.

Dr David Diamond is a Professor at the University of Florida and an expert in nueuroscience and memory. He discussed the, "the phenomenon of Forgotten Baby Syndrom Syndrome"

"Forgotten Baby Syndrome" is when normal, attentive, loving parents forget their kids in the car." he said.

Witnesses in the case have testified about Ives acting "slow" and "sluggish" weeks before the incident.

Co workers of Ms Ives said that she was stressed at the time due to students undergoing standardizing testing and she was on medication for high blood pressure.

On the day of the incident in May, Ives husband said she had not slept well and was running late. He said for the first time he helped her take out things to her car and placed the 5-month old baby bag in the back seat with the baby. Ives defense said she would regularly place the baby bag in the front seat.

The defense argues that the break in her routine led to her forgetting the baby.

"Our memory is frail," Diamond said.

Prosecutors questioned how Ives could forget taking the infant to day care and not seeing the car seat in the back of the car.

Closing arguments are expected Thursday when the trial resumes at 8 a.m.