03/24/2015 - U.S News: Expert witness, said to a jury in Durham that a father accused of killing his son is a narcissist not a sleepwalker.

Expert witness, Dr. Nancy Laney said to a jury in Durham that a father accused of killing his son is a narcissist not a sleepwalker.

Forensic psychologist, Dr Laney testifying, claimed "I diagnosed him with narcissistic personality disorder," emphasizing that during her four interviews with Mitchell he seemed to have a lack of empathy and a tendency to inflate his abilities and accomplishments.

She stated that, "There's no evidence to suggest Mr. Mitchell was suffering from any type of mental disease or defect or condition that rendered him unconscious at the time of the alleged offense," .

However expert witness, George Corvin testifing for two days on Mitchell's behalf believed Durham's Mitchell experienced parasomnia the night he attacked his children.

Mitchell claims he has no memory of what happened.
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The forensic psychologist said, "It remains a remote possibility that he's lied to us about his memory of these events," said Corvin. "But, it's unlikely."

The jury will have to decide which expert's advice is correct.

50 year old, Father, Mitchell, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of his youngest son, Blake, in September 2010. He is accused, too of attempted murder of his oldest son and daughter who were 10 and 13 at the time.

The Durham jury could hear closing arguments on Tuesday.

They will not be hearing testimony with regards to a polygraph machine.

Before the prosecution called Dr. Laney to the stand, both sides spent more than an hour contesting whether the results of a lie detector test should be admitted as evidence.

During the polygraph, Mitchell was asked whether he lied about his memory of his son's murder and whether he had lied to his attorney. The defense said no deception was found.

The defense argued that it should be admissible and asked for the chance to ask the state's expert rebuttal witness about it. However, the judge sided with the prosecution and decided it was inadmissible.