10/02/2023 - UK: The Expert Witness Who Discovered Letby's Crimes

An expert witness played a pivotal role in the conviction of the notorious serial killer Lucy Letby, whose crimes were uncovered during a review of infant mortality cases that revealed harrowing details of premature babies enduring excruciating pain for extended periods.

Dr. Sandie Bohin, a neonatologist and consultant pediatrician, was called upon as a prosecution witness during Letby's trial to analyze the evidence surrounding the tragic deaths of infants at the Countess of Chester Hospital. In her examination, Dr. Bohin scrutinized X-rays, where she made a shocking discovery: the presence of air bubbles, medically referred to as embolisms, within the infants' blood vessels.

She recounted her astonishment, stating, "I thought, 'It can't be.' I'd never seen anything like that in my career... but nothing else explained it." Dr. Bohin found herself faced with multiple X-rays, all depicting air within the infants' blood vessels. It was at this point that she concluded, "No, it has to be, and it has to be deliberate."

The grim and chilling reality emerged that each afflicted baby had effectively suffered a heart attack, as Letby had maliciously injected air into their bloodstream or stomachs, leading to the formation of fatal air bubbles.

The a doctor from Guernsey shared the emotionally taxing experience of serving as an expert witness during the trial of Lucy Letby, a notorious serial killer responsible for a series of infant deaths. Letby was recently convicted of murdering seven babies on a neonatal unit in the UK, where she deliberately injected air into some infants, force-fed others, and poisoned two with insulin. Her sentencing is scheduled for today.

Dr. Sandie Bohin of Guernsey, who fulfilled the role of an expert witness throughout the trial, described the ordeal as "profoundly lengthy and distressing for all those involved." She expressed her deep sympathy for the families who lost their babies or had children injured, as well as for the added trauma they endured by participating in the trial and hearing the presented evidence.

Dr. Bohin, who has provided her expertise as an expert witness for numerous years, emphasized that this case was exceptionally significant and extended far beyond her previous experiences. Originally expected to last six months, the trial extended to nine months due to its complexity and gravity.

Her role extended beyond simply providing testimony and involved responding to legal inquiries in real-time as evidence was presented. In the evenings, she diligently prepared additional reports for the court and addressed medical queries posed by barristers.

Dr. Bohin's commitment to offering her expertise in the realm of forensic medicine has been evident through her services to the National Crime Agency and HM Coroner in the UK since 2005. Despite her recent involvement in this high-profile case, she has returned to her role as a consultant pediatrician with the Medical Specialist Group (MSG) in Guernsey.