10/02/2023 - UK: Expert Witness Fears Letby Murdered 3 Other Babies

Dewi Evans, who provided expert testimony in the case against Letby, has expressed fresh concerns regarding additional incidents of infant mortality that were not part of the original trial. Evans has raised suspicions about the well-being of five surviving children and has identified another 10 infants who may have been subjected to harm.

In these cases, it appears that the infants' breathing tubes were likely tampered with, and Evans noted that Letby's methods seemed to evolve over time. These concerns arise in the context of Letby's recent decision to appeal her conviction.

Letby, a 33-year-old nurse, was found guilty of the murder of seven babies at the neonatal unit of the Countess of Chester Hospital in 2015 and 2016, in addition to attempting to murder six others. Dr. Evans has stressed the need for a more comprehensive examination of several cases.

Initially, Dr. Evans reviewed 32 cases, of which seven were not part of the trial. He believes that these seven cases require closer scrutiny, as the infants in question had serious illnesses that posed a threat to their lives, with three of them ultimately passing away. However, determining whether these infants were victims of intentional harm beyond a reasonable doubt may be challenging due to their pre-existing health conditions.

Dr. Evans is committed to collaborating with Cheshire Police to bring these seven cases to their attention for further investigation. In addition to these cases, Dr. Evans conducted a review of 48 additional infants who were not part of the original trial, dating back to 2012, with most cases from June 2014 onwards.

He discovered several cases that raised suspicion, as endotracheal tubes, which provide vital breathing support to infants, had been intentionally displaced. While these tubes can sometimes come out accidentally, the high number of intentional displacements in an otherwise reputable unit raises significant concern. Of these 18 cases, up to ten infants may have been placed in harm's way, though they appear to have survived without long-term harm.

All of the infants under review were born at the Countess of Chester Hospital, and Cheshire Police have been actively reviewing the care of approximately 4,000 babies who were admitted to the hospital. They are also exploring potential cases at Liverpool Women's Hospital, where Letby had undertaken two work placements. Police clarified that only cases with medical concerns would be subject to further investigation.