04/12/2023 - UK News: A Paediatrician has Provided Testimony In Lucy Letby Case

The prosecution's case against Lucy Letby, a nurse accused of murdering seven babies and attempting to murder 10 others at the Countess of Chester Hospital in 2015 and 2016, has relied heavily on expert witness testimony from Dr Sandie Bohin, a highly qualified and experienced paediatrician from Guernsey.

As a Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatricians, Dr Bohin has provided medico-legal expert witness testimony in a number of high-profile cases, including for both the UK National Crime Agency and HM Coroner.

In the current trial, Dr Bohin's testimony has been instrumental in helping the prosecution establish the cause of death for one of the babies, Baby O. In particular, Dr Bohin has echoed the opinion of another leading paediatric expert, Dr Dewi Evans, stating that the death of Baby O was caused by an air embolus introduced via a nasogastric tube. This evidence has played a critical role in helping the prosecution build its case against Nurse Letby.

Prosecutors have alleged that on the morning of 25 June, Ms Letby injected air and fluid into the boy's stomach via a nasogastric tube in an attempt to kill him.

During her cross-examination, Dr Bohin also discussed discoloration on Baby O's abdomen, which had been seen in other cases in the trial. This additional evidence further strengthens the prosecution's case against Nurse Letby, who continues to deny all of the charges against her.

The trial at Manchester Crown Court began in autumn 2022 and is expected to last for six months, with expert witnesses such as Dr Bohin playing a crucial role in helping the court arrive at a fair and just verdict.

Ms Letby denied injecting air or fluid into Child Q's NG tube and said it was a "coincidence he became unwell when she came on duty".

The trial continues...