11/29/2021 - Elizabeth Holmes Chooses a Potential Expert WItness List Including a Relationship Violence Expert

Holmes has chosen a potential expert witnesses list including for forensic psychologist Mindy Mechanic, who has assessed Holmes and regularly acts as an expert witness on subjects involving of relationship violence.

Elizabeth Holmes founded the now-defunct Palo Alto blood-testing startup at age 19 in 2003, is charged with allegedly 'bilking' investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars, and defrauding patients with false claims that the company’s machines could provide a full range of health examinations using a modicum of blood. She and her ex partner, former company president Sunny Balwani, have denied the allegations.

Holmes is charged with 11 felony fraud counts, faces maximum penalties of 20 years in prison and a $2.75 million fine if convicted, plus possible restitution, the Department of Justice has stated.

The nefarious appropriation of Pfeizer logos amomg others presented on stationary without permission is also a charge that Holmes and Balwani have to answer to.

Commentators wait with baited breath whether Holmes will infact try to blame Balwani for her predicament. Holmes testified that Balwani was in charge of financial projections, and had put together revenue forecasts taht were distributed to investors and focused on by prosecutors who allege Theranos missed them by hundreds of millions of dollars.

No information has come to the fore to suggest Holmes suffered interpersonal violence or trauma. Holmes’ only known romantic relationship while Theranos was operating was with her co-accused, former company president Sunny Balwani. It’s a rare defense,” said Peter Johnson, a lecturer at UCLA law school. “It’s a difficult defense.”

The details of Holmes’ potential strategy is hidden from public view in filings
hitherto sealed by the court or redacted from Judge Edward Davila’s order.It seems clear she will present what federal court rules call “Expert Evidence of a Mental Condition,”

Lawyers declined to comment on their plans, and there are up to now no clues how much they intend to rely on the expert witness's testimony.

Legal commentators assume it will be redacted from Davila’s order, and experts would examine Holmes through interviews and “psychological testing” and that the claim of a mental condition relates to a time frame of “many years.”