09/27/2021 - UK: A New Expert Witness TV Series Puts Expert Witnessing in The Spotlight

As the British summer dwindles into a whimper, and the outdoors becomes less inviting, eyes are already sliding to the 'What's on pages' of TV listings. For viewers with an interest in expert witnessing, they will be happy to know the box may be worth turning on for some interesting fare. Ashley John Baptiste is to present new BBC Daytime crime series, 'Expert Witness,' this Autumn.

The Expert Witness series will reveal the inside stories of how expert witnesses helped solve some of the UK’s most complex major crime cases, employing the aid of forensic science. Where viewers have been able to enjoy the American, Expert Files series for decades, the UK has been devoid of similar TV shows.

The shows will cover some of the most ingenious forensic evidence used to crack seemingly unsolvable cases and the achievements of expert witnesses whom used their skills to identify serious criminals.

'Expert Witness,' will cover investigations such as The infamous Scottish World’s End murders, from 1977 and will feature the forensic imaging expertise that led to the capture of Michael Hardacre, the “Rochdale Ripper”.

The series will also delve into how the examination of pollen at a murder scene, and fibres in a car crash, helped to solve two crimes.

The Presenter of the new Expert Witness series, Ashley John-Baptiste, overcame a troubled child hood where he regularly switched foster homes; he went on to gain a 2.1 in history at Cambridge University, Before joining the BBC News TV, Radio and digital team as a reporter covering different forms of media,. Plus John was a BBC broadcast journalist and Victoria Derbyshire reporter.

Ashley John Baptiste said: “It has been truly fascinating to learn how the intelligence and expertise of some remarkable individuals has helped solve some of the biggest criminal cases known to the British public.”