03/18/2020 - US Expert News: Expert Witnes Discovery Pushed Back two Weeks Due to Coronavirus

A fresh filing in the women’s U.S. national soccer team’s lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation included the first measure against the coronavirus pandemic on those involved with the impending trial. Each party agreed to delay key depositions.

The trial has been shrouded in controversy already when sexist language was used by the legal team representing U.S. Soccer led to a protest by the USWNT and eventually the resignation of former president Carlos Cordeiro.

The spread of Coronavirus in the U.S, has prompted the government to discourage gatherings of more than 10 people and general travel brought an empasse between the sides.

The two parties agreed to reschedule the depositions of Dr. Robert Noll PHD and an expert in employment law cases, Caren Goldberg, for on or before April 9 and April 21, The original deadline for expert witness discovery was April 3.

The trial is scheduled for May 5, however future delays because of coronavirus concerns
could possibly force the court to reschedule, pushing the date even closer to the Tokyo Olympics in July.

The women’s national team first filed the lawsuit March 8, 2019. Their argument alleged
“institutionalized gender discrimination” resulted in the women earning less across the
board, from per-game bonuses to salaries, compared to the men’s national team.

The counter argument from U.S. Soccer said the men’s and women’s teams negotiated separate collective bargaining agreements, which was the source of disparity in pay structure. U.S. Soccer also claimed the women’s national team made more than the men in total compensation. However, they played more games and had more success.