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We work with accidents in the following Specialties:
- Products and Equipment
- Premises and Property Safety, including Slips, Trips and Falls
- Traffic Accidents, including Roadway & Highway Design, Construction and Maintenance
- Chemicals, Gases and Materials
- Industrial, Commercial and Construction Workplace Accidents
- Fires and Explosions involving Equipment and Industrial & Commercial Facilities
- Hazardous Combustion, including Combustion Equipment Malfunction,
-- and Equipment (furnaces & flues primarily) and HVAC* operation causing CO Poisoning

We analyze these accidents using Principles of Engineering, and:
- Human Factors
- Codes and Standards
- Safety Design Principles
- Safety Practice Principles
- Safeguarding Principles (safeguards include machine guards, double palm buttons, light curtains, etc.)
- Warnings Principles (warnings may be on signs, labels, etc. or use warning lights, horns, etc.)

Activities include:
- Investigation of Accident Sites, Facilities and Equipment
- Safety Analysis of Equipment and Facilities
- Engineering Analysis of Accidents
- Accident Reconstruction, including Traffic Accident Reconstruction
- Reports and Affidavits
- Testimony in Trials, Arbitrations, Hearings and Depositions

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* heating, ventilation & air conditioning, including equipment, ductwork and system controls

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- Bachelor's & Master's Engineering degrees and post-degree coursework; with coursework in:
-- Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics
-- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Normal Psychology
- A complete set of courses in Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction from:
-- Northwestern University Traffic Institute and Center for Public Safety
- Extensive Continuing Education in subject areas of the Forensic Practice through:
-- Engineering Organizations and Educational Institutions

- Professional Engineers' license (P.E.), earned by taking the NCEE* Examinations in:
-- Fundamentals of Science and Engineering
-- Principles and Practices of Engineering, taken in Mechanical Engineering & Chemical Engineering

- Diplomate Forensic Engineer, certified through the National Academy of Forensic Engineers
-- under the auspices and guidelines of the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB)

A Summary Curriculum Vitae and a Detailed Curriculum Vitae are available below on this webpage.
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* National Council of Engineering Examiners

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The last 30 years working as a Forensic Engineer:
- working in the Specialties listed under the 'Services' section
- utilizing Engineering Principles and the Specialty principles listed under the 'Services' section
- involving the Activities listed under the 'Services' section
- including, as part of the work:
-- Writing over 600 Expert Reports
-- Writing over 60 Affidavits
-- Testifying in over 90 Depositions
-- Testifying in over 75 Trials, Arbitrations and Hearings

17 years previous to the work as a Forensic Engineer, working in:
- Engineering Design of Equipment and Facilities
- Industrial Operations
- Construction Engineering

A Summary Curriculum Vitae and a Detailed Curriculum Vitae are available below on this webpage.
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