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Welcome To Witness Directory. The Free Expert Witness Directory, Listing Local and Global, Impartial Expert Witnesses. Access Members Directly, Without Referral Fees. Law firms Are Connected For Free.

Over 43000 Subscribers Receive a Regular Expert Newswire. Created by Lawyers for Lawyers. 26 Years Linking Experts With Lawyers.

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Lawyers: If you do not see an expert in your field please contact us or search the index and the search box. WitnessDirectory is free to browse and free to connect with experts directly.

Experts: Witness Directory prides itself on offering more benefits for less money. Your page is designed to be like your own expert website, existing in concert with a fuctional directory.

=======================================================, has built a loyal following among local and international lawyers. We charge membership fees only to pay for the upkeep of the site.

With changing technology, Witness Directory has endeavoured to stay ahead of the competition with a manifold range of benefits. Members of are listed on the site and also listed free on the only expert directory APP, where their CV's and contact details are updated in real time

  • Experts add your website URL and email links or choose to hide contact details.& be contacted through the site
  • Lawyers subscrbe for expert witness legal news & join 43000 subscribers
  • Lawyers contact us if you don't see the expert you need. We will help find the right member for you.


"Witness Directory has definitely played a role in my success as an expert witness, for which I am very grateful. I am currently juggling a dozen active cases, and I’m scheduled to testify at two depositions in June and at trials for six others in the fall." Bruce Silverman

'I have found to be a reliable and most trustworthy source of expert witnesses on the web. The personal help I received in locating an expert was first class' Employment law barrister, Charles Price, LLB LLM

'Lawyers are happy because they can be linked to vetted expert witnesses without a charge and experts are happy because they keep 100% of their fees.'



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