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I maintain an active, busy, and successful surgical practice treating all conditions of the Hand, Wrist, and Elbow in both private patients and injured workers. My patients range in age from 1-100. I have had extensive legal experience in the capacity of Expert Witness, Independent Medical Evaluator, Qualified Medical Evaluator, Agreed Medical Evaluator, and medical record reviewer. I have been deposed and have testified in front of judge and jury.

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Orthopedic Surgery Hand, Wrist & Elbow Disorders Diplomate American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery Fellow American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Subspecialty Certificate in Surgery of the Hand Member American Society for Surgery of the Hand Member American Association for Hand Surgery Adjunct Professor of Clinical Medicine, USC


I recently worked as an Expert Witness in a case at the Federal Court in Los Angeles. In the capacity of Independent Medical Evaluator, I conduct an extensive, thorough, unbiased, and impartial examination of the injured party, ensuring that all complaints and issues are addressed at the time of the evaluation. Appropriate history is taken and testing is performed in order to arrive at a medical determination, which is then presented in telephonic consultation and/or written report form. In the capacity of Expert Witness, I work hard to act as both teacher and translator for the attorney who has retained me. Ultimately, I am able to communicate well with thoughtful examples to attorneys, judges, and juries. At my most recent trial testimony, the judge whispered to me that he wants to see me in court more often and that he commends me for not speaking “like the typical doctor expert.” I demonstrate honesty, impartiality, and communication skills that allow for understanding by those inside and outside of the medical and/or legal community. I provide ethical testimony and adhere to the highest standards of professionalism. I provide an authoritarian voice on all aspects of my specialty with clear, concise communication that is based on both scientific fact and experience, while avoiding medical terminology but rather “talking” to the general public. The dedication and commitment I make to my medical career and to the care of my patients as whole human beings are carried into my expert witness services. I pride myself on providing thorough, comprehensive, honest, professional services with a deep sense of commitment.

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