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Evidence Solutions is a premier forensics consulting company backed by 40 years of experience helping attorneys, judges, organizations and private individuals understand complex data and information. Our goal at ESI is to help our clients obtain, preserve, analyze, understand, and utilize all the information available to them.

Our team of experts provide evidence-based analysis and testimony in Accident Reconstruction, Commercial Trucking, Digital Forensics, Greek Fraternity, Law Enforcement, Product Liability, Real Estate, Sports & Fitness Safety, Transportation Safety and more.

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Computer Forensics...
Accident Consulting
Driver Qualification Experts
Expert Opinion
FMCSR Experts - Rules & Regulations
Research Services
Truck Accident Case Consultation
Truck Accident Investigation

Car & Light Truck Black Box / Event Data Recorder / EDR,
Data Fabrication
Digital Copier
Document & Spreadsheet
Electronic Device
Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
GPS Systems

Accounting & Medical Billing Systems
Cell Phone Forensics & Mobile Device
Digital Camera / Digital Photo
Email Systems
Printer & Fax Machines
File Date
Source Code & Copyright

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Fitness and Exercise   ,   Forensic Technonolgy   ,   Law Enforcement   ,   Product Liability   ,   Real Estate   ,   Sports   ,   Trucking accidents and investigation   ,   Accident Reconstruction   ,   Forensics   ,   Truck Accidents   ,   Transport Safety   ,   Forensics - Computer   ,   Forensics - Digital   ,   Trucking - Commercial   ,   Greek Fraternity Law

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