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Expert Forensics is an independent forensic consultancy service run by registered forensic practitioners, providing expert opinion to coroners, police and solicitors. We accept instruction from both prosecution and defence and are experienced in preparing full reports for court purposes, providing pre-trial advice, courtroom assistance and giving expert opinion to the courts of England and Wales.

We can provide and expert opinion and advice on:

- Bite Mark Analysis
- Facial Mapping
- Forensic Vehicle Identification
- Clothing Comparison
- CCTV (Event) Analysis
- Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
- DNA Interpretation
- Dental Age Assessment
- Fingerprint Analysis
- Forensic Toxicology
- Dental Identification
- Crime Scene Evaluation
- Dental Negligence
- Paternity Testing

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Forensic Odontology (Dentistry)

Dr. Romina Carabott B.Ch.D, MSc Foren. Dent.(Dist.), MEWI
Romina qualified as a dental surgeon in 1999 and has since been a fully registered dentist both in the UK and Malta. In 2004 Romina completed an MSc in Forensic Dentistry with Distinction and has since completed more than 250 expert opinion reports for the Civil, Criminal & Coroner courts in the fields of bite mark analysis, dental age assessment and dental identification on instruction of prosecution, defence or the HM Coroner as well as a Single Joint Expert. She has also given oral evidence in both criminal and civil courts.

Dr. Adrian Harrold B.Ch.D., MSc Foren. Dent.

Forensic Imagery Analysis: Mr David Anley

Forensic Science: Mr Nigel Hodge BSc, BTh

Fingerprint Analysis: Mr David Goodwin

Toxicology & Drug analysis: Dr. Graham Mould B.Pharm (Hons.)., MSc., PhD

Dental Negligence: Dr Miles Gladson B.D.S, L.L.M

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Expert Forensics have the services of a small number of carefully selected forensic scientists to assist our clients. All our forensic scientists: are well established and have years of experience in their area of expertise

are committed to providing impartial and objective opinion regardless of the instructing party have experience in giving evidence in court, Civil and/or Criminal

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