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Contact: Dr Andrew Moncrieff
Event Reconstruction Services
Height / Extent / Perspective Computations (Event Reconstruction)
Computer 3d Reconstruction
Physical Evidence Collection / Analysis / Interpretation
Scenes Of Crime / Event Examination
Scenes Of Crime / Event Photography / Video / Plans
Forensic Chemistry
Trace / Materials Analysis / Interpretation
Soil / Mud Analysis
Footwear Marks / Impressions
Tool / Instrument / Weapon Marks / Impressions
Fireworks / Pyrotechnics
Fire / Arson / Explosion Investigation
Crime Prevention / Security
Alarms / Communications / Signalling
Personal Injury / Fatal Accident
Personal Injury Causes
Road Traffic Accidents (Personal Injury)
Falling / Tripping / Slipping Accidents
Hazards (Personal Injury Causes)
Workplace Hazards
Manual Handling / Lifting
Lighting / Visibility Hazards
Sports / Leisure Injuries
Fire / Explosion / Chemical Spills (Accident Causes)
Building Collapse (Accident Causes)
Children's Play Area Accidents (Personal Injury)
Consumer Protection / Safety / Trading Standards
Product Liability
Product Design / Testing / Standards (Consumer Protection)
Product Defects / Injuries
Industrial Products
Protective Clothing / Helmets
Household / Kitchen Goods
Toys: Safety Testing
Sports / Leisure
Sports Equipment
Play Areas / Equipment
Theme / Leisure Parks And Equipment
Building / Construction Problems
Personal Injury (Property Insurance)
Construction Works
Accident Investigation (Construction)
Construction Machinery / Plant
Access / Scaffolding
Structures / Structural Engineering
Subsidence / Heave
Building Services Engineering
Fire Safety (Buildings)
Security Systems (Buildings)
Lighting (Buildings)
Plumbing (Buildings)
Drainage (Buildings)
Water Supply (Buildings)
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Civil Engineering
Accident Investigation (Civil Engineering)
Land Drainage Engineering
Transport Engineering
Highway Engineering / Maintenance
Mines / Quarries: Collapse / Subsidence / Distress
Soil Mechanics / Subsidence / Slope Stability
Groundwater / Aquifers
Water Contamination
Water Pipelines
Contaminated Land
Chemical Contamination Of Land
Agricultural Engineering
Agricultural Machinery
Agricultural Vehicles / Road Use
Engineering Testing / Failure / Disputes
Product Failure / Defect Analysis
Machine Failure / Defect Analysis
Testing (Engineering)
Non-destructive Testing
Mechanical Testing
Forensic Engineering
Engineering Disputes
Professional Negligence (Engineering / Production)
Machinery / Product Disputes
Engineering / Production Health And Safety
Protective Equipment (Health And Safety)
Machine Guarding
Industrial Accident / Injury Investigation
Handling / Lifting Health And Safety
Engineering Machinery / Tools / Materials
Machine Tools
Mechanical Components
Engineering Materials
Materials Working / Finishing
Materials Welding / Joining
Mechanical Engineering
Hydraulics (Mechanical Engineering)
Steam / Boiler Engineering
Turbine Engineering
Pneumatic Engineering
Refrigeration / Cryogenics
Lifting / Handling Machinery
Lifts / Escalators / Hoists
Chemicals / Materials
Materials Testing / Failure Analysis
Metallurgy / Metals Production
Metals / Alloys Fracture / Failure
Chemical Engineering
Process Plant / Machinery
Process Plant Safety
Chemical Hazards / Incidents
Chemical Explosion / Fire Hazards
Risk / Environmental Impact Assessment (Chemical Hazards)
Plastics / Polymer / Rubber Technology
Energy Engineering
Gas Explosion
Electrical Engineering
Forensic Electrical Engineering
Electrical Safety / Accidents
Electrical Hazards
Wiring Regulations
Electric Components
Electric Appliances
Electronic Engineering
Forensic Electronic Engineering
Power Electronics
Distribution Warehousing Systems
Loading / Unloading Safety / Security
Freight Security / Safety (All Types Of Transport)
Vehicle Load Security
Air Transport
Airframe Failure
Air Engine Failure
Air Accident Investigation
Rail Transport
Railway Engineering
Locomotives / Rolling Stock
Rail Track / Signalling
Rail Safety / Accidents
Rail Freight Transport
Rail Passenger Transport
Road Transport
Road Vehicle Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Motor Cars
Commercial Vehicles / Trailers
Road Tankers
Off-road Vehicles
Fork Lift Trucks
Special Purpose Vehicles
Mechanical / Component Failure (Vehicles)
Road Vehicle Controls / Handling / Braking
Tyre / Wheel Problems
Vehicle Safety / Stability
Vehicle Forensic Examination
Vehicle Components (Forensic Examination)
Tyres And Wheels (Forensic Examination)
Fire / Explosion (Vehicles)
Road Traffic Accident / Offence Investigation / Reconstruction
Road Traffic Accident Investigation (General)
Road Traffic Accident Reconstruction
Accident Scene Reports / Plans / Photographs / Videos (Rtas)
Driver Factors (Rtas)
Highway Weather Factors (Rtas)
Road Conditions / Road Surface (Rtas)
Traffic Signals / Roadway Lighting
Highway Visibility
Driver Sightline Simulation
Vehicle Factors (Rtas)
Speed Assessment / Analysis (Rtas)
Skid Marks (Rtas)
Vehicle Impact / Collision Studies (Rtas)
Vehicle Roll-over / Jack-knifing (Rtas)
Vehicle Handling / Stability (Rtas)
Tyres / Wheels Effect (Rtas)
Vehicle Braking (Rtas)
Insecure Loads And Rtas
Restraint Systems / Seat Belts / Helmets Effect
Accident Types (Rtas)
Emergency Vehicles Accidents
Military Rtas
Motorcycle Accidents
Multiple Vehicle / Motorway Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents
Vehicle / Cyclist Collisions
Vehicle / Pedestrian Collisions
Marine Transport
Marine Casualty / Damage Investigation
Fire / Explosion (Marine)

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Dr Roy Hawkins: BSc (1964); PhD (1969); MA (1973); CEng (1999); Chartered Physicist; Member, Institute of Physics
Dr John Horsfall: BSc (1974); ARCS (1974); PhD (1978); CPhys, Member of the Institute of Physics (1983); CEng (1989); Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (1998)
Dr Andrew Moncrieff: MA ; PhD
Dr Richard Fletcher: BSc(Eng) (1983); PhD (1987); CEng ; FIET
Mr Michael Charlton: BSc (1979); MSc (1983); CEng (1986); Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (1986)
Dr John Anderson: BSc ; MSc ; PhD
Mr Andrew Bryce: BSc(Hons) (1987); MSc (1988); Associate Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (1990)
Mr Christopher Botham: BEng(Hons) (1994); MSc (1996); CEng (1999); Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Mr Neil Arthur: BSc(Hons) (1986); CEng ; Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Dr Carl Butler: MA (1991); PhD (1994)
Eur Ing Andrew Muston: MA (1988); MEng (1993); Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers; CEng
Mr Rod Newbery: BMet(Hons) (1978); Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining; CEng
Dr Andrew Ninham: BA(Hons) (1981); MA (1982); PhD (1984)
Mr David Reid-Rowland: BSc(Hons) (1999); MSc (2002); Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Dr David Rose: BSc(Hons) (1987); CChem ; PhD (1990); Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry
Mr Russell Smith: BSc(Hons) (1997); Dip CSE (2000); RFP
Mr Peter Reupke: BEng(Hons) (1987); Diplome d'Ingenieur (1989); MSc (1990)
Mr Stuart Whitehead: BEng(Hons) (1994)
Dr Iain Woodward: BSc(Hons) (1998); PhD (2001)

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Have experience of:

Personal Injury
Professional Negligence
Legal Aid
Single Joint Expert

Number of reports instructed to provide within the past 3 years: 5,000 plus

Number of times given evidence as an expert witness in court* within the past 3 years: 50 plus

Number of new instructions from solicitors per year: 2,000 plus

Training courses (designed specifically for expert witness) attended in the legal aspects of:

responsibilities of a single joint expert

* Court includes all Civil and Criminal Courts as well as Tribunals, Coroners/Inquests, Inquiries, Arbitrations and Civil Courts outside the UK. It does NOT include appearances at House of Commons Select Committee Inquiries

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Aerosol Technology   ,   Aerospace Business/Analysis   ,   Architecture   ,   Arson   ,   Aviation   ,   BAE Systems   ,   Biomechanics   ,   Bloodstain Pattern Analysis   ,   Boat fires/Explosions   ,   Boilers   ,   Braking Systems (Air and Hydraulic)   ,   Construction Accidents   ,   Construction Engineering   ,   Consultants Malpractice   ,   Construction Defects   ,   Electronics   ,   Electrical Equipment   ,   Engineer   ,   Engineer Construction   ,   Engineer - Crane   ,   Engineers/Electrical Engineering   ,   Engineering Industrial/Materials   ,   Engineering Metallurgical   ,   Engineering Physics   ,   Engineering/Safety Engineering   ,   Engineer Structural   ,   Failure Analysis   ,   Failure Analysis Polymers   ,   Forensic DNA Analysis   ,   Forensic Engineering   ,   Forensic Technonolgy   ,   Fork Lift Trucks   ,   Gas   ,   Hydrocarbons   ,   HVAC Systems   ,   Industrial Accidents   ,   Industrial Machinery   ,   Information Technology   ,   Industrial Control Systems   ,   Machinery Safety/Visibility   ,   Man Lift Safety   ,   Mechanical   ,   Metallurgical Investigations   ,   Product Design   ,   Product Liability   ,   Product Tampering Investigations   ,   Safety, Cranes, Excavation   ,   Safety Engineering   ,   Agriculture   ,   Agriculture Pollution/Waste   ,   Architects   ,   Blood and Body Fluids   ,   Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation   ,   Biogas/ Biomethane   ,   Boats   ,   Buildings   ,   Commercial Fraud   ,   Computer Evidence   ,   Computer Investigations/Forensics   ,   Engineering Civil   ,   Engineering Mechanical   ,   Illegal Laboratories   ,   Information Technology & Telecommunications   ,   Machinery   ,   Mechanical Handling   ,   Hydraulics   ,   Mechanical Failure   ,   Construction Safety   ,   Industrial Equipment   ,   Engineer - Electrical (Industrial)   ,   Engineering - Industrial Petrochemicals   ,   Engineering - Industrial - Pesticides   ,   Face Identification

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