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Currently Dr Fagin is working as Consultant Psychiatrist to the Student Counselling Service at London Metropolitan University where he assesses students and offers support to counsellors. He is also working as Consultant Psychiatrist Anna Freud Centre Family Assessment Service and to Hackney Social Services Family and Children Division, offering court reports and advice to Family Courts and social workers engaged in making childcare decisions where patients have a mental disorder. As Second Opinion Doctor to
the Mental Health Act Commission Dr Fagin visits patients detained under the Mental Health Act who are appealing against decisions made by their treating teams. He is also a Lord Chancellor�s Special Medical Visitor for the Office of the Public Guardian.

Dr Fagin has extensive experience in working as an expert witness over the past 20 years providing psychiatric reports requiring diagnostic issues. In particular he is a recognized expert on occupational stress, road traffic accidents, personality and post- traumatic stress disorders and medical negligence cases. He has also provided advice and reports in criminal cases, on mental capacity and childcare issues. He is on the Register of Expert Witnesses and has attended a number of Conferences dealing with medico-legal work.

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M� (rg) FRC Psych, Consultant Psychiatrist


I am recently retired NHS Consultant Psychiatrist, formerly Clinical Director at North East London Mental HealthTrust and presently an Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London.

After graduating in Medicine in Argentina in 1972, he came to the UK to pursue his psychiatric studies.Since 1979, he worked as an adultpsychiatrist based in Leytonstone, London, covering an area of considerablediversity and deprivation. He has interests in social and community psychiatry, psychological and familial effects of unemployment, in-patient psychotherapy, multidisciplinary groups, personality disorders, occupational stress (in particular professional stress in mental health) and improving therapeutic standards in acute mental health settings. He developed one of the first community mental health centres in the UK in 1983 as well as computer based registers.

He is the author of over 90 papers and chapters on subjects such as the psychological effects of unemployment, closure of institutions, multidisciplinary teamwork, stress and burnout in mental health professionals, family dynamics in schizophrenia, personality disorders, self-injury and therapeutic factors in in-patient settings and has lectured widely in this country and abroad. He is the co-author of The Forsaken
Families (1984) (a study of unemployment in families) published by Penguin, co-editor of Stress and Coping in Mental Health Nursing (1994) published by Chapman, co-editor of Experiences in Inpatient Care published by Routledge in 2007. He has been Organizer of Annual General Meetings for the Royal College of Psychiatrists and has served as Academic Secretary for the Section of Social and Rehabilitation Psychiatry and on the Executive of the Faculty of General Psychiatry for the Royal College where he has acted as
Academic Secretary. He has also chaired a working party and produced a
report on Safety Issues for Psychiatrists. In recognition of his
achievements in the field he was awarded the Silver Clinical Excellence Award in 2005.

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