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He is a Consulting Civil Engineer and Expert Witness in the subject of occupational health and safety in the construction industry. I have been a specialist in this subject since 1970 and have personally investigated thousands of accident and incidents over the years. I first appeared as an Expert Witness in a police manslaughter prosecution in 1973 at the Old Bailey in London.

Construction industry only - advice may be given for other industries, if commissioned to do so.

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Educated: Glasgow High School and Glasgow University

Degree Awards:
BSc(Civil Eng) Glasgow University 1964
Associateship of the Royal College of Science and Technology (Civil Eng) 1964
BA (Humanities) The Open University 1985
MBA (Management and Business Administration) The Open University 1993
PhD (University of London) 2000
Diploma Imperial College, London 2001

Membership of Professional bodies:
Fellow, Institution of Civil Engineers
Fellow, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
Fellow, Geological Society of London
Member, Expert Witness Institute
Registered Chartered Engineer, UK Engineering Council.

BSc (Glasgow)
ARCST (Strathclyde)
BA (Open University)
MBA (Open university)
PhD (London, 2008)
DIC (Imperial College)
Chartered Engineer (since 1967)
Fellow (Institution of Civil Engineers)
Fellow (Institute of Materials, Mining and Metals)

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International construction industry health and safety expert with over 40 years of experience as an expert in this specific field. I have over 100 published articles, papers and book chapters published in many parts of the world on my specialist subject.

Dr John Anderson

During my 26 years as a HM Inspector of Health and Safety I appeared in the Scottish, English and Welsh courts from Peterburgh to Brighton on behalf of the Department. I left the Government Service in 1997 and set myself up as an independent expert in this subject.

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