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- expert reports on Libya
- authentication of Libyan documents


PhD, Social Anthropology (2013)
MA, Social Anthropology, SOAS (2005)
Laurea, Archaeology and Classics, University of Chieti (2004)

SOAS Language Centre, London
Modern Standard Arabic (Written and Spoken)
Kalimat Language Centre, Cairo
Modern Standard Arabic (Written and Spoken)

Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Anthropology: Open Access since July 2017
Member of the Editorial Board of Sociology International Journal since June 2017
Member of Wikistrat Network (Analyst for North Africa) since April 2015
Member of the Fahamu Refugee Programme (North Africa) since August 2014
Member of the ILPA and EIN Directory of Experts on Countries of Origin (North Africa) since April 2014
Member of Rights in Exile Programme (Libya), since January 2014
Member of the Archaeological Mission of the University of Chieti (Italy) in Libya, Egypt and Cyprus (archaeologist –topographer) since May 2002.

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-University College London, UCL
(Ba Social Anthropology, Msc Social Anthropology)

Thesis Supervisor Oct 2017 - April 2018
(BA in Social Anthropology)

Teaching Fellow, Convenor, Lecturer Oct 2017 – Dec 2018
(“The Social Forms of Revolution”
Msc & BA in Social Anthropology)

Dissertation First Marker Oct 2017
(Msc in Social Anthropology)

Post-Doctoral Research Associate Sept 2014 – Sept 2017
(“Contemporary Anthropologies of
Revolutionary Politics”, ERC funded)

Course Convenor and Lecturer Jan. – April 2017
(with N. Tassi, and M. Holbraad)
“The Social Forms of Revolution”

Guest Lecturer Nov. 2016
“Tribalism and Segmentary Lineage Theory”
(Critical issues in Anthropology,
Convenor: L. Michelutti)

-University of Wales
(The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts)

External PhD Examiner March 2017
(Defendant: Bilal Badat - Archaeology)
Thesis title: “I am the Pen in your Hands,
The Master-Apprentice relationship in Ottoman

School of Oriental and African Studies, London
(BA in Social Anthropology, MA in Social Anthropology)

Thesis Supervisor Nov 2013- April 2014
(Foundation Diploma for Postgraduate Studies) Jan 2013 – April 2013
Nov 2011-June 2012

Senior Teaching Fellow – Course Convenor Sept. 2012- May 2013
“Voice and Place – Approaches to Ethnography”

Teaching Fellow Sept- Dec 2012
“Introduction to Social Anthropology

Teaching Fellow Jan. – April 2012
“Introduction to Social Anthropology”

Teaching Fellow Jan. – April 2012
“Theory in Anthropology”

- Teaching Assistant Sept- Dec 2010
“Introduction to Social Anthropology” Jan. – April 2009

-Institute of Ismaili Studies, London
(Graduate Program in Islamic Studies and Humanities)

Course Convenor and Lecturer
“Anthropology of Muslim Societies” Apr. - June 2014/ 2013 /2012

Guest Lecturer Nov. 2013
“The Anthropology of Islam”
(Introduction to Islamic Studies and Humanities,
Convenor: Mrs F. Mayer)

Course Convenor and Lecturer Sept.-Dec. 2012
“Introduction to Islamic Studies and Humanities”

Guest Lecturer Sept. 2012
“Methodology of the Anthropological Field-work”
(Research Methods in Social Sciences
Convenor: Mrs F. Mayer)

Guest Lecturer Nov. 2011
“The Anthropology of Islam”
(Introduction to Islamic Studies and Humanities
Convenor: Mrs F. Mayer)

Guest Lecturer June 2011
“The Anthropology of Sufi Rituals”
(Anthropology of Muslim Societies
Convenor: Dr A. Cancian)

Guest Lecturer March 2011
“Anthropological Approaches to Sufism”
(Tasawwuf – Sufism
Convenor: Mrs F. Mayer)

-The Islamic College for Advanced Studies, London
(BA in Islamic Culture)

Course Convenor and Lecturer Jan - April 2014
“Islamic Mysticism”

Course Convenor and Lecturer Sept -Dec 2013
“The Social Impact of Sufism”

Guest Lecturer Nov. 2013 / 2011
“The Anthropology of Sufi Rituals”
(Introduction to Muslim Civilisation.
Convenor: Dr A. Cancian)

-Richmond American University in London
(BA in Politics)

Adjunct Assistant Professor Dec. 2013- Apr .2014
“Politics of the Middle – East”

-Cambridge Muslim College, Cambridge
(Diploma in Contextual Islamic Studies and Leadership)

Course Convenor and Lecturer Apr. - June 2014
“History of the 19th and 20th century Muslim World”

-The Agha Khan University, London
(MA in Muslim Civilisations)

Course Convenor and Lecturer Sept.-Dec. 2013/ 2012 /2011/ 2010
“Paths of Sufism – Past and Present”

-Simon Fraser University, Vancouver/IIS, London
(Summer School)

Guest Lecturer June 2013
“Caricature in the Libyan Revolution”
(Music, Art and Architecture in Muslim Contexts
Convenor: Anne Czambor)

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Libya   ,   Libyan Politics   ,   Libyan Tribalism   ,   Libya - Persecution of Qaddhafi Supporters   ,   Libya - Sexual Orientation   ,   Libya - Vulnerable People   ,   Libyan Berbers   ,   Libyan Religious Violence

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