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Expert witness services - damage and health issues cause by uncontrolled or ineffectively controlled microbial contamination in industrial systems and settings.

Microbial audits - baseline surveys and root cause analysis of microbial contamination in industrial settings: oilfields, chemical manufacturing and bulk storage, mid and down stream petroleum industry, metalworking facilities, lubrication systems and heat transfer systems (cooling systems).

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Dr. Passman is an ASTM Fellow, STLE Fellow and Certified Metalworking Fluids Specialist with 40 years experience in environmental-industrial microbiology. Since 1973, Dr. Passman has conducted research and consulted to government and private industry on topics as diverse as composting municipal sewage sludge, U.S. EPA criteria for various groups of toxic substances in fresh-water systems, microbially enhanced oil recovery, and microbial contamination control in industrial process-fluids. He has provided expert witness services in numerous litigations addressing either worker health and safety or microbially related material damage. Dr. Passman is the Vice-chair of ATSM Subcommittee D.02.14 on Fuel Cleanliness and Stability. He chairs ASTM Subcommittee D.02.14 Task Force on Fuel Microbiology, is Chair of ASTM Subcommittee E.34.50 Health and Safety of Metalworking Fluids, Vice-chair of ASTM Committee E34 Occupational Health and Safety and is an active member of E.35.15 Antimicrobial Pesticides. He has drafted ASTM Standards for each of these committees. Dr. Passman has twice received STLE's Wilber Deutsch Memorial Award for writing excellence, is a recipient of STLE's P.M. Ku Award and ASTM's Award of Merit. He has more than 40 publications to his name.

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More than 35 years experience providing technical and expert witness services to governmental, commercial and industrial clients.


Microbiology   ,   Biodeterioration - Damage   ,   Microbiological Damage   ,   Industrial Process Fluids - Damage   ,   Pipelines - Diodeterioration/Microbiological   ,   Metalworking Fluid Management   ,   Biocide Use   ,   MWF Microbe Exposure   ,   Lubrication Systems - Damage

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