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I have had over 20 years of experience as an Expert Witness to the Courts in the following fields: Alcohol and Drink Driving Drugs of abuse and prescribed drugs - effects on the individual Toxicological advice in serious crimes Carbon monoxide poisoning Personal injury cases arising as a result of negligent exposure to hazardous substances, eg. Carbon monoxide, solvents, paints, dusts, etc. Medical negligence Interpretation of reports from other foreign agencies Routine blood testing and drug screening. Informal enquiries welcome.

Drink driving offences (all aspects), provision of "hip flask" and spiked drink defences, back calculations, effects of medication, Lion/Camic substantive breath testing devices.

Drugs both prescribed and illicit and their effect on the individual when driving or under other circumstances. Solvent and drug abuse.

Analysis of body fluids for drugs and alcohol and interpretation of findings.

Personal injury claims whether caused by exposure to chemicals at work or in domestic circumstances.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Proceedings brought under these regulations, the effect on the individuals concerned and interpretation of control levels for hazardous substances.

Interpretation of reports from other agencies e.g. The Forensic Science Service.

Laboratory investigations Interpretation of pathology reports and the investigation of individuals with sensitivities to various chemicals and environmental pollutants.

Online searches performed for data involving drugs and chemicals using the worlds most extensive database at the US National Institute of Health, and other sources.

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Trained Single Joint Witness and in Civil Procedure Rules.
TIAFT, Forensic Science Society


Dr David G Williams FRCPath, Eur Clin Chem, has reported to H.M. Coroner, and appeared in Coroners Courts for over 25 years, and for the last fifteen years has appeared as an expert witness in Magistrates, County and Crown courts, in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and has provided expert reports for the legal profession, insurance companies, civil and military authorities, commercial organisations and private individuals. Alternative email: ,

Types of case handled

(a) Civil

Provision of reports to both defence (insurance companies, employers), and prosecution (trade unions and individuals) where personal injury has occurred through exposure to chemicals at work e.g.:-

Industrial asthma as a result of exposure to isocyanate based paints and other respiratory sensitisers.

Asthma arising out of exposure to chemicals e.g. methylene dichloride

Asthma and dermatitis arising out of exposure to glutaraldehyde

Carbon monoxide poisoning in a domestic setting

Heavy metal poisoning (e.g. lead, mercury, cadmium) in industrial occupation.

Defence of a internationally recognised electronics manufacturer against a claim of poisoning by fumes emitted from a television set.

Burns arising out of the use of domestic products e.g. oven cleaner

Defence on behalf of a major insurance company against a claim of Alzheimer\'s disease being caused by exposure to solvents at work. If proven, this would have opened a floodgate of similar claims.

Defence of NHS Trusts against claims for exposure to glutaraldehyde by employees.

(b) Criminal

Cases are invariably for the defence in the following fields:-

Drink driving cases

Effects of drugs on individuals accused of serious crimes e.g. arson, rape and murder

Repeat analysis of blood and urine samples analysed by other agencies.

Possession of drugs

Pleas in mitigation where individuals were acting under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

Murder and attempted murder by poisoning

Major cases have included:-

Attempted murder by atropine, arsenic and by shotgun.

Manslaughter by supply of heroin

Appeals against conviction for serious crimes.

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