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Your Personal Injury Claim Merit Checklist Has 99 Factors To Consider Before And While Pursuing Or Refuting An Injury Claim. Don't Miss What Could Be A Critical Factor!

Why wait until it's too late to determine if you are pursuing or defending against a winning or losing claim? Contact me to perform a stand-alone Claim Merit Evaluation where we review the validity of a products liability personal injury claim. Your Claim Merit Evaluation allows you to make the best use of your time, better serve your client, and make or save you money! No retainer or further commitment is required. Go to to learn more about and how you can schedule a Claim Merit Evaluation. Contact me before you file or decide how to respond to that claim.

Contact Me To Review The Veracity Of Expert Reports or Other Case Documentation. Why fail to obtain justice for your client because a report from opposing counsel’s (or your own) expert uses junk science, is incomplete or contains flawed methodology? Don’t fail to prevail because of false or incomplete documentation.

Don’t find yourself sadly thinking, “I sure wish I’d known that sooner!”

My services are also available as a consulting or testifying expert witness.

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Why Fail To Prevail Because You Don’t Know The Right Story? I am a Mechanical Engineer who understands and can explain How and Why things break or malfunction. I help you uncover what really happened when someone's been injured!
I help Products Liability Plaintiff Attorneys Choose, Craft and Conduct winning personal injury cases and avoid the losing or under-performing cases.
I help Defense Attorneys and Insurance Companies determine the validity of injury claims. Is your client better served by settling or disputing that claim?
I help Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Attorneys, Arbitrators and Mediators interpret the evidence to enhance the parties' understanding of the issues and facts involved.

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I am an experienced personal injury consultant and expert witness (both testifying and non-testifying) specializing in Products Liability Personal Injury cases, including wrongful death for a wide variety of Consumer and Industrial Products including Firearms and Motorcycles. My services are retained by both plaintiffs and defendants. In most cases, my Initial Draft Expert Report is sufficient to result in case settlement. My entire career has demonstrated my unique ability to see what everyone else misses.

I was honored as a "Contributor to Aviation History" in a ceremony at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. I have served as a testifying expert in lawsuits involving the source of aircraft cabin air contaminants. .

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