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The DBI Group Announces Enhanced Expert Witness Services for Commercial Real Estate Litigation

    posted on          2024-04-03 11:07:52, USA

Posted by: Dr. Dick Bridy

The DBI Group Announces Enhanced Expert Witness Services for Commercial Real Estate Litigation
San Diego, CA – March 26, 2024 – The DBI Group, a leading provider of commercial real estate consulting services, today announces the expansion of its Expert Witness services to support legal counsel with complex litigation issues involving commercial construction sites.

Primarily serving Southern California, the Expert Witness Services have expanded to all of CA and surrounding States.

California has the largest percentage in the entire US when it comes to construction, with projects in the works valued at $340.3 billion as published by the Statista Research Department on Dec 22, 2023. The state has the most megaprojects as well from the California High Speed Rail project to the Los Angeles International Airport Landside Access Modernization Program. While the construction sector is poised for continued growth despite global uncertainties and challenges, unfortunately, project incidents, disputes, and accompanying insurance claims are also increasing. The value of contested construction costs through the first half of 2023 is over $80 billion, per RICS Dispute Resolution Service driving the need for seasoned Expert Witnesses to help bring successful closure to these disputes.

DBI Group Expert Witness service leverages the more than 40-year expertise of Dr. Dick Bridy, Founder and CEO of the DBI Group, and his team of highly knowledgeable professionals, who complement each other across real estate construction disciplines, including architecture, engineering, scheduling, and construction management. When legal issues arise, for example, such as an on-site personal injury situation or contract dispute, DBI can provide invaluable support throughout the legal process, from pre-litigation consultation through courtroom testimony.

“Commercial construction projects involve significant investments and often face unforeseen challenges, particularly in the area of personal injury cases. The knowledge of risk management regulations, OSHA, and building codes is essential,” said Dr. Bridy. “Our enhanced expert witness services are designed to empower clients representing either the defendant or the plaintiff with the technical expertise required to navigate disputes efficiently and effectively to achieve satisfactory outcomes.”
Key benefits of DBI Group’s Enhanced Expert Witness Services include:
• Deep industry knowledge: A comprehensive understanding of commercial construction practices, construction contracts, zoning laws, building codes, and opine of industry standards and relevant legal precedents.
• Detailed analysis and reporting: Meticulous investigations, clear and concise reports, and expert opinions designed to withstand scrutiny.
• Property ownership analysis of workplace conditions: Identification of safety violations, provide guidance on compliance issues and understanding of complex OSHA regulations. review contracts for clarity, and identify potential ambiguities.
• Effective communication: Seasoned team of professionals who can translate complex technical issues into clear and understandable terms for legal professionals and the court.
• Proven track record: A history of successfully assisting clients in resolving construction disputes through litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes.
Expert Witness Services comprise a wide range of commercial construction disputes, including:
• Change orders disputes
• Completion and scheduling delays
• Contract interpretation
• Contractor or subcontractor performance
• Defects and workmanship
• Design errors or omissions
• Personal injury
• Safety violations
• Site condition
“The testimony of an expert witness should never be underestimated,” Dr. Bridy added. “In cases involving complex technical issues, the expert witness can deliver the detailed knowledge needed to clarify the court’s understanding of the evidence and its implications to the issue at hand.”

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The DBI Group is a commercial real estate (CRE) development, asset management, and brokerage firm that specializes in asset management, brokerage and mortgage consultation, and expert witness services. With more than 40 years of unparalleled experience, its team of consultants can react quickly to market forces with speed and efficiency by combining its expertise and information sharing to maximize the economic potential of each project. The expansion of its Expert Witness services, led by Dr. Dick Bridy, provides legal consultancy in cases including asset, property, and portfolio management, commercial litigation, development/redevelopment, insurance, and realtor litigation supporting the plaintiff or defense attorneys. For more information, please visit

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