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Dr. Konchitsky, CEO of PatentHive™, experienced executive, technologist, educator and expert witness, currently consults on intellectual property matters in the areas of telecommunications, wireless, software and hardware. He holds over 40 granted patents or applications, and lectures frequently on issues at the intersection of technology and business in the wireless/mobile sector. Dr. Konchitsky has worked for several leading companies including: Intel, Dspc, Nokia, and IPvalue, and has founded: Noise Free Wireless™, ARSemi™ and Patent Hive™.

Dr. Konchitsky provides research, architecture and system consultation for Intellectual Property and Technology projects in wireless telecommunications, 3GPP cellular technologies, and computer architectures.

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UC San Diego, Post Graduate in CDMA Engineering
Bournemouth extension in Israel at RG College, Ph.D in Electrical Engineering
Bournemouth extension in Israel at RG College, M.A. in Management (Business Administration Focus)
Tel Aviv University A.C., B.A. in Computer Science
Tel Aviv Institute of Technology Syngalowsky, P.Eng in Electrical Engineering

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He was the architect and founder of Noise Free Wireless and previously held positions at private and publicly traded companies such as Nokia and INTEL DSPC. He also held a research position affiliated with Stanford University's Electrical Engineering Department on Discrete Time Processing.
His products are currently in world-leading voice telecommunications devices, including voice gateways, routers, voice mails, and cell phones.

Dr. Konchitsky worked at IP Valuations, where he conducted due diligence, patent valuations and patent litigation. Throughout his career he has served at the 3GPP LTE/WCDMA committee, and has consulted with financial institutes and law firms.

Experience includes : Mobile phones and networks: LTE (4G), WCDMA UMTS (3G), 3GPP HSDPA HSUPA, Wimax (4G) LMDS OFDMA based 3GPP and 3GPP2 protocol stack MAC/RRC/RLC, smartphones, low power design, GUI Software technologies: Voice applications, Parallel computing, Distributed computing, Mobile applications, C, C++, Matlab, Assembly, Client Server, Remote desktop, Voice streaming, Media streaming Alliance: 3GPP HSPA/WLAN, Blue Tooth, BTLE, UWB, 802.16 WiMax LBS: 3GPP GPS / 3GPP2 A-GPS, Location Based Services, LBS tracking, GPS database Computer architecture: Processor design, DSP, RISC/CISC, Memory, hardware abstraction, Virtualization, Virtual machines, Mobile computing: 3GPP Baseband processing, Channel coding and Modem, Application processors, Graphics processors, Display and Power management. Music, Voice and Video coding and encoding, including MP3, MP2, VoIP, 3GPP AMR, 3GPP2 EVRC, WB

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